Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Boys!

Today was a bitter sweet day. I stayed home from work because I knew I would have been a mess if I would have went. Jacob was up through out the night sick. I have continued to keep him on continuous feeds and not feed him by mouth. He gags if you put ANYTHING in his mouth. I'm not quite sure he is on the right antibiotic. He is coughing up green and I got a glimpse in this throat while giving him a bath earlier and his tonsils are still HUGE and angry looking. Several doctors have looked in his throat over the past week and no one seem to be concerned....anyways back today.

We all pretty much napped till 11am. I mowed the yard to get ready for the party tomorrow. Jack worked last night so he slept for a while. We got the kids dressed, fed, and went out the door. We stopped by the craft store to pick up new flowers for Logan's headstone. Jack went into the Dollar Tree and got some happy birthday balloons for him. Then we went to Subway to grab some lunch. We went to Logan's grave cleaned his headstone, put in his new flowers, and laid a blanket down next to where he is buried. This was the 1st time we got all the kids out of the car when we go visit his grave. We decorated his headstone for his birthday and we all sat on the blanket and had lunch to celebrate the birth of all 3 of our boys. I know Logan spirt it not on Earth with us anymore, but having a picnic lunch in a grave yard where are son is buried is the closest we could get everyone being together on their birthday...some may find this weird, but it helped us cope.

The rest of the day was spent clean the house while Jack slept and taking care of kids. Jack is at work again now and I finally got all 3 kids in bed. I am so tired I think I will just set the alarm early tomorrow to clean. Tomorrow should be go, don't know if we will have 15 people at our house or 50. I pray the guy that I am renting the water slide from shows up. We plan to have an 18 foot blow up water slide, a kiddie pool, and of course the big pool for the guest. I have a total of 104 hot dogs. In the morning I have to pick up the cake, hot dog buns, and some side items. The party starts at 3. Hopefully I will get to post the pictures of their 1st birthday party tomorrow night, then I can work on making my book of their 1st year. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Here are some pictures of today's events:
The last picture is just random cuteness from Ava LOL I love the boots and so does she!

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  1. Glad the day went well... been thinking of you a lot since we exchanged messages last week. Glad you hear the optimism in your most recent posts....hugs to you.
    I wanted to add that I LOVE the picture of Jacob where he is sitting up...Jack is holding him up and Ava is in the corner of the picture. He looks so amazingly happy there!