Monday, February 22, 2010

3 weeks 2 days

I went back to work this weekend. I had so much anxiety I thought I was going to throw up when I walked through the doors. Almost everyone knows why I was gone, and I was not looking forward to getting those "I feel sorry for you" looks and "I don't know what to say" comments. I know it is awkward and people want to say something to show they care. Oh well, I got though it and after the first few hours I was okay. The end of shift on Saturday I was given a gift from all my co-workers. It was so pretty it made me cry. I hate crying in front of people. They ordered a very nice wind chime with an angel at the bottom of it with his name on it. It was very touching and wonderful to know that people care enough about me and my family to go out of their way for us. I still have people sending us cards and gifts. Our grand total on the Memorial fund is $1,170 THAT IS AMAZING! His headstone was $2,550 so we are very close to meeting the pay off amount when it comes in. I paid for the 1st half of the headstone on my EVIL credit card, that was not so evil when I really needed it!. Thank you everyone who has blessed my family!

Jacob was suppose to go for some test over night in the hospital today, but I called and talk with the doctor and canceled it until he is feeling better. all 3 kids are sick again. Jacob is congested with a nasty cough again and the doctor and I agreed that it is best to way so we do not have false positive test results.

I just got off the phone with the kids' pediatrician about Ava. I was told on Friday that her blood works had crystoids or something in it, that is a sign of parasites, but her stool sample was negative. She has been sick on and off with this really infected smelling diarrhea for well over a month with vomiting and abdominal pain. She gets better then worse every few days. So because the blood work is showing that she may have some kind of parasite even though the poop does not, they are going to put her on a 3 day course of an antiparasitic anyway. She is on a good day today. Last night she told me her tummy hurt, but no vomit and she poop on the carpet this morning and it was formed! Yes, she think she can poop on the carpet like a dog or something she wakes up before me every morning and does it!

Babies are starting to cry again, I get to feed both by myself this feeding so I better get busy. Ava is barking in the hall pretending she is a dog and eating scooby snacks.


  1. That was very thoughtful of your coworkers. Where are you going to hang it? Working may be just what you need right now to help you keep your mind off things. So will the med for Ava fix the problem or will they have to do more? Been thinking of you. a lot lately. Hope tonight goes ok with Ava and work tomorrow. sending big hugs your way :)

  2. Reposted comment...

    First, let me start by saying that I am so very sorry for your loss. I "stumbled" on this blog through Nick G's Triplet Families Facebook page. My heart breaks for your entire family. We are also the parents to a daughter (now 7) and to triplets- born at 25+ weeks-- (now 5). We lost one of the triplets, Connor at the age of 11 months. So, we share similar stories... and sadly simimar outcomes. I sent a friend request to "Nick G", in case he would like to communicate further. I know its sometimes difficult to reach out, but did want you to know that the pain will ease over time. You will all by in my thoughts and prayers. Tracy