Monday, February 15, 2010


As I praised Jacob's progress the other day he decided that night to go back to the nonstop crying all the time when he is not asleep or being held! I wish I knew where that switch was that turned the crying off! They are both getting another congested nasty cold though. I am taking Jacob to his GI appt tomorrow while Jack takes Andrew to his hearing test. Jennifer and Dahlton are moving out as we speak. I will spend tomorrow afternoon putting the boys room back together and HOPEFULLY MAKING THEM SLEEP IN IT!
Ava decided she is going to take her diaper off and use carpet as a toilet! She liquid poop in the hall this morning and peed on her bedroom floor. Then she pooped in her diaper again! When I ask her where she is suppose to go potty she goes "I dunno." and "In my diaper." then she laughs! I could beat her. She KNOWS better. If that little girl can tell me mommy I peed take her diaper off and bring me diaper and wipes and tell me to change her diaper she is capable of going on the toilet! Okay I am done with my poop rant for today. She also thought it would be funny to paint the walls with a spoon and ice cream this afternoon.
I am posting a picture of the headstone we bought for Logan. Jack is going to be mad I posted it before him. :-)


  1. Oh Jennifer, I think I wrote some of the same stuff about my now 3 year old when we went through the loss of Cole and arrival of Cameron. It is so tough on those little ones to understand what is going on and why. They have control of this part of their lives... so why not let go literally of that body control just to mess with us right!!!
    This too shall will Jacob's crying.
    Be gentle with yourself and expect chaos before the calm and peace will really begin.
    Sending hugs your way!

  2. My 3 1/2 year old did a similar think with his poop when we were experiencing family tragedy of a similar sort.
    I finally resorted to food - two mini marshmallows for a poop in the potty, 1 for each nap that was PoopArt free...
    Hang in there!