Monday, February 8, 2010

We went out and designed Logan's headstone today. I think it will be nice. Not sure if it is "the perfect headstone" but it was nice that the guy had a program unlike the last 3 places I looked at. We chose a stone they had on the lot so we did not have to wait longer for a custom order etc. He said about 5 weeks for the final produce and install. I think this stone will represent who he was well. I took some picture of the drawing he did, but it came out blurred. The oval pic is an example of what is going to be etched from the org photo into the small oval of the head stone. I hope it comes out in a little better detail than just photo editing on computer. I'm sure it will all come out fine.

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  1. Jennifer this is your mother using sarah's computer I am so proud of you Sarah made me read this blog I am at her house, today. I try not read this , it rips my heart out for you. You have been so strong! GOD loves you! I love you too! Mom