Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Huge Blessings from God today

To the Anonymous Donor,
I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. God is good! You came into our lives and gave such a great blessing to us in a desperate time of need. We were about to walk into the funeral home today and max out our credit cards to pay for the funeral we felt our son deserved. Through the great generosity and kindness you gave to our family you lifted a huge burden off us and made this day less stressful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and God Bless You. I don't know who you are, but I will never forget you and what you did for our family today. Rest assure your blessing to us will not end here. We will continue to bless the next family we can help and will continue to keep our faith and tell of God's great love to others. I hope Logan meets your loved one in Heaven. Thanks for making our day blessed, Love Jennifer and Jack Gunter

To those who do not know. A very kind person who wants to remain anonymous to us and everyone else came into the funeral home today before we arrived and paid off Logan's funeral bill in full. The director said in the 20 years he has been doing his job, that this has never happen to him where a complete stranger comes in to pay off another family's debt. God is good and he is my provider. My love for God is so strong it overwhelmes me. I have such great peace with where my son is that I can't do nothing but rejoice in His name and knowing that Logan is the blessed one. He has the honor to be in such a wonderful place in the presence of the Lord. He walks hand in hand with Jesus with all the other babies and children. He is with mine and Jack's families. He is Loved by all. He led a short life, but a life full of hope, inspiration, and faith. I poured my heart and soul into his life to keep him alive because I wanted him to be healthy and strong. I made sure I did everything I could do for him including pumping pumping and pumping lots of milk for him and the boys and many sleepless nights to make sure I could see his sweet face as much as I could. I thank God for every day I was able to see my sweet baby, I continue to be sad for his loss, but rejoice in his life and what it meant to so many people. I know now I have to refocus my life on the children God has blessed me with that are healthy. I am a stronger person though this, my faith is stronger, and my heart is kinder. I am humbled and know the best and worst can happen to anyone, I will never think things are beyond me. I will never say I can't do something, and I will no longer say that something like that can not happen to me. I just know that if whatever it is happens to me, that God will get me through it.

Thank you everyone who came to show your support today. It filled my heart with joy to have so many people come to show how much they loved my family, That Logan's life mattered, and that my family matters to them.

God Bless everyone who reads this. I hope to see everyone tomorrow as we celebrate his life.

P.S. Logan looked beautiful and so peaceful today. It felt good looking at him looking so peaceful and not sick.


  1. What a touching story! Brings tears to my eyes. Please know that I am thinking of and praying for you.

  2. Wow that is absolutely wonderful guys!! Amazing how God works in mysterious ways.

  3. First, let me start by saying that I am so very sorry for your loss. I "stumbled" on this blog through Nick G's Triplet Families Facebook page. My heart breaks for your entire family. We are also the parents to a daughter (now 7) and to triplets- born at 25+ weeks-- (now 5). We lost one of the triplets, Connor at the age of 11 months. So, we share similar stories... and sadly simimar outcomes. I sent a friend request to "Nick G", in case he would like to communicate further. I know its sometimes difficult to reach out, but did want you to know that the pain will ease over time. You will all by in my thoughts and prayers. Tracy