Friday, February 12, 2010


I don't have anything super interesting to post today just felt the need to write. I am happy to report that there has been a good change in Jacob. He is been less spastic and more calm in the last few days than he has been ummm....EVER! Praise God for this! Not sure if it is just us being home with him more or if it the phenobarbital helping. He can actually be awake laying on the floor etc and not cry! He is still not making huge strides in progress, but I have faith in time he will. He does focus more when he eats. He is drinking 9oz bottles and then some at times plus baby food 2x a day. He eats pretty well from a spoon depending on his mood. He does Jacob smiles and coos more often.
Andrew is doing fabulous. He is holding and reaching for toys. He holds them in his hands and makes ones that spin moves. He likes to hold his blankets and eat them. He is drooling like a faucet there must be some teeth coming soon. I think he would roll over if he would take his hand out of his mouth for 2 seconds He is even starting to lean forward like he wants to sit up. He does well with his baby food to. He is also eating 2x a day. He gets more constipated than Jacob from food.
Ava has some major sharing issues. Poor girl. She is so territorial. I think when she turns 3 I will put her in day care or something. I need to get her involved with other kids. She is flat out MEAN to other kids. Last night at LPOM she hid under the tables half the time and the rest of the time she played with a toy in the corner by herself. Today we went to the Play place at McDonald's with The Crofts and it took Kristina crawling in the tubes with her a few times to get her to play with Savanna they had a good time. She was ready for nap time when we got home.

Filed my taxes last night. Praise God we will have enough to pay off our van, pay off Logan's headstone, and put a little in savings. Still no death certificate. So I can't even put in a claim for Logan's life insurance yet to see if they will honor it yet. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks he has been gone. Yesterday I went to his grave site by myself for the 1st time. His flowers for the most part still look surprisingly good. It was the first time I cried in days. I watched alot of his videos on my phone yesterday. I feel like that is all I have left of him is a few short video clips. I miss him so much.

Our roommates were blessed with a nice apartment they are moving into on Monday. I am very happy for them and grateful for all the trials and tribulations we have been through together good and bad. All were blessings in the end and we are all better people for living through hard times. Thank you Jennifer and Dahlton for sticking with us during some of the hardest moments in our lives even though I did not always realize or appreciate what good you did for us and focused more on what I felt you were doing wrong. I truly do appreciate you guys lol but I think we are better friends than roommates like you said hehe. I am spending next week getting my house organized and PUTTING THE BABIES IN THERE ROOM!

Big things for next week is: GI appointment in Orlando for Jacob, hearing evaluation for Andrew on Tuesday, interventionist comes out with Jacob on Thursday, I still need to get ahold of the physical thripist for Jacob they call the day of Logan's funeral and has not called back to set up a time., Jack goes back to work on Wednesday and I go back to work on Saturday. Jack wants to drive to see snow lol


  1. Jennifer;
    I actually wrote to you a week or so ago and when I posted it my computer malfunctioned. I've wanted to share this blog with you since Logan passed away...maybe some of what I write about or the songs there you might find comfort in. When I first 'met' you, I never dreamed you'd join me in the world of loss to TTTS. You were such an inspiration to me then and now.... TTTS affected you so differently then me I thought and I gained strength from reading about your journey.... and I still do.
    I, too, have a hard time knowing what to say to people who comment on my family. I get a lot of 'Wow, three boys, you must be busy'...yes I am but I should be busier. I tell most people that I have 4 boys but sometimes it is hard to say I have a son in Heaven.
    The shell shock of your journey seems to be wearing off a bit and the tears come more easily I am thinking. The strangest things will trip you up, the desire to relive every moment is intense and it is so hard to not spend every moment with every video, picture, and 'Logan' item. Be gentle with yourself, breath deeply and move at the pace you think you can handle. No one can tell any of us who have lost a child how to grieve, how long it should take or how we should act....though many will try.
    Hugs to you, to your husband, to Ava and most of all to those survivor boys of will all be forever protected by your own guardian angel.
    Jodie Ireland-Tummers

  2. Hey Jennifer, I've been thinking of you the last few days. Please call me whenever you feel like you need to talk or vent... I'm here for you. I'm glad to hear that Jacob is doing better... that's awesome!!! God is going to work miracles in him... you'll see! Just keep your faith and your prayers in HIM.

    Hey, I read Andrew has a hearing test Tuesday. Where and at what time? My son Hector has one too this tuesday (tomorrow) at APH at 10am. Let me know if you're gonna be around.... maybe we can see each other.

    Well, I'm glad I can be updated with your blog... I love reading your posts and seeing that you're coping so well! You're such a strong woman of God and you should feel proud of being such an amazing mommy and wife! Take care and God bless!!!