Friday, February 5, 2010

A wonderful celebration of life

This is the link to the video on Youtube

Logan's service was wonderful yesterday. We only had 1 technical difficulty. I made a slide show and the music to it did not play :-( I think 94 people signed the guest book. I know there were more people than that that came to see him though that did not sign the book. Not the point, just wanted to point out how wonderful and uplifting it was to see so many people care about Logan and my family. I know atleast 6 people excepted the Lord into their heart yesterday at the end of the serice. How wonderful is that! Praise the Lord! He was beautiful, his service was great, and he will forever be with God now. I think it is really starting to sink in today that he is gone and that I will never see him on earth again, but know it is not the end and I will see him in Heaven. I love him so much. After we came home from the funeral a wonderful video came in the mail from Now I lay me down to sleep photography. I want to share it with everyone. It is beautiful. I hope people do not think I am drawing out the events of his death to much, I just want to share every detail with those who care. I have the slide show I showed at the funeral I want to share at some point to. Thank You everyone for your prayers, gifts, and presence at my son's service. I want to give a special THANKS not only again to the donor who paid for my son's funeral, but to Sheriff Grady Judd for letter and gift he sent, but for providing the motor officers and escorts for my son's precession. It was AWESOME! Thank you law enforcement community for coming together to help my family. Thank You Sheila and Haley for taking care of my children over the last few days. There are so many people I am grateful for I can make this list very long so once again Thank you everyone! Most importantly THANK YOU GOD!

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