Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My toe HURTS!

I have nothing terribly fun to update. Jacob had physical therapy today. I have not seen any great improvement yet. He will start extra therapy next month and the lady seeing him now is going to try and see him a 2nd time a week. All the big appointments are next week. Neurologist on Monday for both babies. Hopefully Jacob will start new med to help with tight muscles. Andrew was suppose to have a EEG done, but I missed the appointment at the beginning of January and I had it rescheduled for the 25th of this month. I am going to take him anyway because he is suppose to have a 6 month follow up MRI. Andrew's hearing test is on Tuesday.

Logan's headstone should be hear really soon next 2 weeks or so, I can't wait to see it. I took him some Tulips for his grave today. I miss him so much.

On a lighter subject. I was walking in my house yesterday with a handful of stuff. I wall into the kitchen and didn't notice that the floor was wet with dog pee! I slip fall flat on my back. My right foot went under the lip of the cabinet, but my big toe did not. My big toe met the top of my foot for the first time and hurt like hell. I lay on the floor in a dramatic screaming fit while Jack thought he was going to be super man and pick me up and take me to the hospital lol. My butt and back cleaned the dog pee up for Jack lol. We drove by the ER on the way home and seen 7 ambulances yes 7 parked waiting to take patients in. There was NO WAY I was going there broken foot or not. So, anyways I decided if I can bear weight on it then it is not broken and if something is, then it is a spare part anyways lol. It feels better today still hurts to move like it is jammed and just needs to be pulled, but NO FREAKING WAY am I doing that!

Babies finished a 5 day course of steroids today. Andrew is been almost as LOUD as Jacob. That kid needs to find his fingers again PLEASE! He woke up the other night at 1am and demanded to be held for over an hour. Poor baby. I think they are both working pretty hard on cutting some teeth. Andrew's sleeve was so wet the other morning I would have squeezed the drool out of it. YUCK! We have been working on getting our house back into shape. We got the living room, kitchen, and Ava's room done. Now just my room and the garage left. Then we will tackle outside! I want a Jacuzzi now! Haven't heard anything about Logan's life insurance money yet. I spent $9000 (income tax) in less than a week paying BILLS bills BILLS. We paid off our van and a bunch of little credit card debt. Now I am poor again :-( If we get his money we will put some away for the kids possibly replace our carpets in the main part of the house and maybe pay so more of our debt. LOL AND BUY A JACUZZI! LOL no! Bad Jennifer!

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  1. Jennifer, with all you have been through, its not Bad Jennifer, its you DESERVE a JACUZZI. I pray your foot heals soon and their teeth come through quickly. Hang in there!
    With all my Love and Prayers,
    Amy Wagner