Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trach success!

Logan post op after trach 11-10-09
Little Logan fresh out of the OR

Logan headed to OR he is trying to figure out what was going on.

Logan record low oxygen level on the NO lol

Poor Logan 11-8-09 after coming off the paralytic

Little Logan has had a very rough week. He is still responding to steroids and day before his surgery 11-9-09 his oxygen needs were as low as 39%! He was very puffy and swollen up until last night, was not tolerating feeds and his urine output was low. His blood pressure continues to be very high. His methadone was restarted then stopped again today. He is still on a versed drip, he takes blood pressure meds, and is on fentenyl for pain. He still is not getting fed so he has an IV. He went to surgery at 9am this morning with 42% oxygen and the nitrous running. Jack and I grabbed some breakfast and waited in the waiting area for about 20 minutes after breakfast and it was over that quick. He was wheeled back into his room at 10am. The ENT doc said he did great had absolutely no problems maintaining his sats at all. His airway is in wonderful shape. No damage at all. Amazing for all the times he has been intubated. The trach was placed not due to a damaged airway, but because of the poor quality that his lungs are and because he requires alot ventilator support. They did a chest xray after he came back to the room just to check trach placement. His lungs looked the best I have ever seen them. His lungs were clear enough that you could see the outline of his heart. Right now his Evelyn is taking care of him. He will be sedated for 3 days to give the ostomy time to heal. It is well secured around his neck and sutured into place. He is on 55% oxygen and maintaining high 90's sats. Andrew and Jacob are doing great. I missed their earlysteps appointment today. Jacob is extremely fussy HE IS DRIVING ME NUTS! Ava is acting out a lot she has been pretty bad. In the last 3 days she has dumped 2 entire cans of baby formula and some rice cereal. Jen, Dahlton, and Matt have been here since Sunday night. Things are very slowly getting into a normal swing. Thank You everyone who continues to pray for my family.

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