Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Logan 11-3-09
Logan 11-3-09

Jacob 11-4-09

Andrew 11-4-09

Logan was doing a little better last night the No2 had allowed him to be weaned to 71% on oxygen. His Co2 last night was 64. This morning when I called they had went up on his oxygen to 73% and his Co2 was 72. I got a phone call this morning from the doctor saying that she consulted the pediatric ICU docs to see if they had anymore in site on what to do for him since he at 43 weeks gestation now. The plan for now is to keep him on the No2 (nitrous oxide) until Friday they also have placed him back on Lasix and he is getting a blood transfusion today. I got a phone call about 30 minutes ago from Dr. Brown again saying that he had to be resuscitated. I guess his ET tube pulled out enough to gage him and caused him to vagual and his heart rate dropped below 40. This caused him to be bagged to receive oxygen and have chest compressions. The entire ordeal was about 2 minutes his heart rate came back after about a minutes but it took 2 minutes or so for his O2 levels to come back up. He got a new ET tube and is stable again. He is at 78% on his O2 now. The goal is to try and get his oxygen closer to 50% by next week so he can have the trach placed. The trach is going to be the best thing for him it will help his Co2 levels and make him more comfortable. Andrew and Jacob continue to improve and grow every day. Jacob has awesome head control and focuses more than Andrew. Over all the are doing great.

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