Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trying to stay focused

As most of you know Logan was not able to have his trach done yesterday. God made it very apparent that it was not the right decision at the moment. 1st the RT noticed over the last couple days they have not had the oxygen settings right on the monitor and they think the nurses were "tweaking" the vent and settings to make is show on paper that he was ready to go. They were allowing him to range from 83-98% on his oxygen and he was sating in the low to mid 80's most of the time. SO BASICALLY THEY WERE DEPRIVING HIM OF THE OXYGEN HE REQUIRES FOR HIS GESTATIONAL AGE. The range should have been between 90-98% initially he had to be turned up to 85% to maintain a sat of 90% Over an hour or so he required 100% oxygen and still continues to consistently drop below 90%. Needless to say he could not go to surgery. He has to be below 60% and stable before he can have the trach placed. The ENT doctor told me that if he would have went to surgery yesterday it would have been "His last day on earth." So Dr. Brown once again never calls me after I left and never did anything to address his high oxygen need. Dr. Von who was on call last night went to see him and noticed how lethargic and grey he was. She order a battery of test like they did over 3 weeks ago when he was reintubated in the 1st place. So far they are all negative. No infection No explanation except that he just has severe chronic lung disease. They did do an ABG last night to check his blood gasses and discovered his Co2 was 99% they were baking my baby's brain! So they changed a bunch of vent settings around to try and blow off the Co2 build up and ultimately got him down to 72% (normal is 30-40) He is currently at 89% O2 and they have run out of options he does not respond to steroids or diuretics. They are currently on the last resort they are adding nitrus oxide to his oxygen to try and help with the gas exchange in his lungs. Dr. Brown said she does not know what to do next that she has consulted everyone and asked advice of other doctors and if this does not work she does not know what to do. Please pray for Logan and the doctors that God can give them guidance about what to do for his pulmonary status.

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