Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hopefully Monday we will know something!

I wonder how I go about changing MD for Logan....not that I have had a problem with his care so much, but she is horrible about follow-ups and calling concerned parents back. I think she needs to sit back and think about if it was her child for once! She called me yesterday (I know something is wrong because she only calls is something bad happens) tells me I think his left eye has an immature retina and his right has developed stage 1 ROP. I knew that was coming eventually though he has been on such high oxygen levels for so long. He is ending his 4th round of steroids decadron today (this course was for 7 days instead of 3) and it has not given the same dramatic effect the last 2 did. He has been holding strong at 66% down from 80% when it started though the goal was to get him under 50% to have a bronchoscopy. At the moment the RT has weened him to 60% I hope he does not have to go up again. They tried to ween him to 61% 2 days ago and he dropped to 28%! So Dr Brown told me at the beginning for the week when I seen her in person that the bronchoscopy would be done at the end of the week even if they could not ween the O2 so I spoke with her yesterday morning when she called to tell me about his eyes and I was awoke from my sleep and didn't really remember to ask her about the bronc and she had told me they went up on his methadone the day before (an on call doc did this not her) So once I woke up realized that I had questions I called the nurse back and 1st reamed her for not telling me they went up on methadone and explained to her why I did not want him on it. the Dr. Brown said she would call back.....well no call yesterday, no call today and now she is off for 2 days it is really aggravating. So Adellis who is one of his day primary nurses made some calls and did find out he is having the bronchoscopy done on Monday... now on the bronchoscopy

I need to do a lot of praying about this...if they do the procedure there is 1st always the risk of death and him not coming out of anaesthesia there is risk of more damage being caused to an already poor airway and 3rd most the reason for the procedure I need to decide if now it the time to have him trached so he can come home faster. He would be trached on Monday during the bronch if that is what they think is needed. Please pray that whatever the decision may be is what is best for him to keep him alive and give him the best chance of recovery. Please continue to pray that God deliver his brain for devastating damage and that he may overcome all obstacles placed in front of him. I have faith and I know in my heart all 3 of my boys will grow up to live full happy lives whatever they may be.

Logan has been in NICU for 108 days if my math is correct.

Andrew has been eating like a champ but today he has decided he wanted to start vomiting on me. I have had the joy of being projectile vomited on 2x today. I think he is eating to fast and not burping enough. That kid is at times eating more than 6oz.

Jacob aka Mr. Whinny Pants has been pretty mellow during the day so he can make an uproar at night. He is eating around 50z not as fast at Andrew and still breaths very heavy when he eats.

Jack is counting down his last night for 2 months on night shift. Now I get to hear for the next 2 months about how he is going to dread going back to nights BLAH!

Ava is defiantly opening up more around other people and has one hell of an attitude to go with it. She still loves her brother and wants to hold and feed them. She asks about Logan all the time but both babies that are home are Jacob. She has imaginary birds and frogs she plays with and gives you to put in your pocket. Today she has imaginary carrots. She is addicted to Phineas and Ferb on Disney Channel. I have about 8 shows recorded she watches over and over and over and over again. Keeps her out of my hair. She never watched TV prior to this show.

One day I am going to get a minute to upload more pictures but now it is time to pump the boobies and make the baby laying on the floor stop crying.

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