Monday, October 5, 2009

I swear my blogs are not posting!

I see the last post was ob the 25th of September...I have written one since then that apparently did not post. So to sum it up. Jacob has had circumcision issues! Took them for their 1st visit to the pediatrician on the 30th. It went very well. I learned that I was suppose to push back on the skin around the head of the penis. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS! So we started doing this and the next day (evening time) Jacob's penis was very swollen just below the head. It looked like a huge water blister. I took him to the doctor the next day. I was told to soak him in warm water and put an ointment on it. After a day or so the welling did start to go down. Then this past Saturday night I noticed he has a piece of skin now growing from his urethra downward pushing the head of his penis down. Then Jack pushed down on the skin again this morning and I guess released an adhesion and it started bleeding. If his penis is still not look right by Wednesday I have to take him back to the doctor. Andrew penis look great BTW lol. Overall the boys are doing very well they chock less when they eat and don't turn blue everyday. They are both more alert and stay awake longer. I took them to WIC today. I am breastfeeding them, but have to add 1/2 teaspoon of Enfamil Enfacare to the breast milk for extra calories. So, for a tiny 12oz can it is over $14 at Walmart. I will prob only need 1 can a month maybe a little more when Logan makes it home, but I don't know how long I will need to do this. They gave me 10 cans! It cost $144.30 for 10 12oz cans of this formula. Thank You government for paying this for me...about time I got something back for everything I have paid in. :-D The extra formula is being donated to those who can not get WIC :-) Their weight today per the WIC people Jacob 7lbs 1oz Andrew 6lbs 3oz. I think their scales are a little off or they both lost weight. They are finally starting to poop! You wouldn't think I would be so happy to report this, but I am thrilled!

Now for Logan he has had a very rough month. He had his splint and harness removed on Saturday. He still does not move his left leg hardly at all. It is very swollen. He is on 70% oxygen right now with a rate of 15 and a peep of 8. he started Decadron today 2x a day for 6 day. The plan is to attempt to ween oxygen, switch the vent to auto mode tomorrow, and extubate on Wednesday. I found out last night that if he continues to have to be reintubated all the time eventually they will give him a trach. I hope and pray this is the last time he is on the vent and it is only up hill from here.

I have to go back to work this weekend and I found out today my mother's manager did not approve her personal leave of absence. She has been hear nearly 4 months and her FMLA is up. I have really started to rely on her and have become very used to her being her. I cry at the thought of her leaving. Jack is going back to work too. I don't know what I am going to do. I was really rely on my mom to help me. She has been such a huge help. Ava is going to be heart broken when she leaves. I would be selfish and insist she quit her job if she did not need the health insurance. It is going to be a hard transition but I guess she gotta go. I am going to miss her very much. I want to keep her. She is leaving on Friday. She has to go back to work on Saturday. I love you mommy!

I am so depressed... I have never felt this low in my life!

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