Friday, October 16, 2009

looking back!

1st off I'm a celebrity! lol I seen the link to my blog posted on another person's blog from another state because my babies are fascinating because they are still SURVIVORS and apparently natural triplets with ttts in the identical twins is not very common (it was a TTTS support group). Thinking about my babies rough start and even through all the animosity I have towards the staff and doctors at WPH. I have to sit back and thank God and all those stupid doctors and nurses that piss me off on a daily bases for saving my babies lives no matter what the outcome ends up being for all of them. I got Andrew and Jacob's medical records today and it was the first time I got read about my sons' births. I learned that Andrew actually cried when he was born and Jacob did not. I also got the MRI reports with pictures. It still disturbs me to look at Jacob's MRI. Though he has a tiny little head and seems okay. I know God us this far that I have faith they will all have positive outcomes.

So after my bitch fest with the unit manager yesterday actually got a call from the doctor that seen my son today (not Dr. Brown) after arguing my side of the story I got him to discontinue the Tylenol with codeine so the freaking nurses would stop giving it to him just to sedate him so they don't have to deal with him. I told him "why the hell are they giving him a narcotic for "pain" when he is not intubeated and his fracture is healed and he is not on cpap...while at the same time you are giving him methadone to ween off a narcotic it makes no sense!' The MD agreed and d/ced it. He is on Lasix for several ounces of weight gain over the past 2 days way more than normal. He was also at 95% oxygen when I left on 8 liters only sating at 91-94% My next argument is going to be for them to see WHY he retains fluid all the time! I just spoke with the nurse and they have turn his oxygen to 78%.

Oh the nurse calls me today and tells me that Logan only had 1 2oz bottle of breast milk left. So I had to go up there and deliver milk to the NICU it would have been nice if they could have given me a little more warning. That place has NO consistency at all. Thank God Jack was home so I could go up there it would have really sucked if I had to take all 3 kids up there. When I walked into his room he had dried blood all around his nose in the tape and under the canula and crusty all over his face. He also had shit in his diaper. his butt is bloody raw. I should have taken a picture.
Ugh I made an attempt to copy the MRI pictures but they wont copy.

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  1. I am praying for you and your babies:). Hang in there!