Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maybe the forth times the charm...

So a lot has happened since my last post. Logan had to be re intubated for the 4th time on Saturday morning. He was requiring 100% oxygen on vapotherm and was still desating. They intubated and suctioned a lot of fluid from him lungs. His chest x-ray looked really bad. Over the weekend they did an echo cardiogram and also ultrasounded his aorta and kidneys. Everything came back normal. There is no sign of any clots, pulmonary hypertension or any other thing to explain the fluid build up in his lungs and his sudden deterioration. He was consulted with the pulmonologist and he didn't really offer any additional insite to improve his lungs. So Dr. Brown ordered a consult with ENT. She is thinking maybe he is refluxing and aspirating or maybe his feed tube got pulled and fed his lungs. Some time this week they are probably going to do a broncostophy to see how his trachea and lung look. She said they will take a sample during the procedure and test it for an enzyme that can show if he as been aspirating. If he has been aspirating they may give him a G-tube. If this anatomy is abnormal in his throat we may have to consider a tracheotomy. He is still hanging in there. He is at 80% oxygen still jumping up and down on his sats and still being sedated with Versaid to prevent him pulling his tubes. They also have started a continuous feed where he gets 19cc an hour from 8pm until 6am. This is to help him rest the doctor says.
Jacob had his eye exam done today. He has another follow-up appointment in 4 weeks. He retina is not quite mature yet. He is being very colicky and is screaming as I type.

Andrew is wonderful he is the most calm relaxed baby ever! He only cries when he needs to be fed and the rest of the time he sleeps and just looks around QUIETLY! Jacob could take some lessons.

Ava loves her brothers. She is a very good big sister and helps me change their diapers and feed them.

I miss sleep. Jack misses sleep. One day we will sleep again right???

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