Friday, October 9, 2009


Boys have been very fussy!. Apparently I have been a very bad breastfeeding mommy and have been eating something horrible that their little bellys do not like. The past 2-3 days have not been wonderful. Andrew and Jacob have been very cranky and gassy. Nothing sooths them except being held none stop! So apparently Logan is the same way. Crying and being very cranky and will not settle. So even though he is farting like a truck driver who just at gallon of chili, they have come to the conclusion he is having withdrawl from the morphine he was on for 3 weeks. He has been off for 3 days, but still gets Tylenol with codeine. One of the doctors on call started him on methadone every 12 hours. I have requested they stop I do NOT want him taking that! He is better off being slowly weened off morphine! Apparently what I say does not hold much weight. His leg is still contracted and he does not move it. I asked Dr. Brown to call me and of course she did not. He is doing well on cpap. He is nearing the end of his steroids. He is on a peep of 8 and oxygen of 49% They are going to put him on a vaperderm high flow nasal canula when one comes available. My mom officially is gone they left around 7am after a nice breakfast with my sisters. I want to thank everyone for the continued support everyone has been giving us. I especially want to thank LPOM and Journey Church for the diapers and meals they have been providing. Thank you Jill for taking care of my kids so I can see Logan and for bathing them so they do not stink :-) and Elisa for all of her charity efforts.

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