Friday, May 4, 2012


Wow so many things are changing around here so fast! This weekend will be the last weekend at my job before I become a stay at home mommy for awhile. Really trusting in God that we will get through the massive income loss and stay afloat.
Jacob had most of his procedures done that were scheduled at Arnold Palmer Hospital on Wednesday. Jack was a nervous wreck about being there and about Jacob going into the OR to have the procedures done. My heart ached that I could not take the pain away from him that he was feeling. The surgery waiting room is the same room we sat in several times while Logan was alive having various surgeries done. The hall that connects to the NICU is also right in front of the door to the waiting room...and according to Jack the windows in the waiting room look directly toward the room he was in when he died. He was shacking, he could not eat, he sat in the bathroom and cried so no one seen him. After we got to the recovery room he calmed down. I was not so worried anytime your child has sedation it is scary, but this time his procedures were very minor. The physical medicine doctor did phenol and botox injections in his legs and arms and the GI doctor did an endoscopy and placed a Ph probe. The endoscopy showed gastritis in his stomach. Everything else was normal. We stayed over night in the hospital for the Ph probe. He vomited several times and gagged a lot...which was good since the last time he had one he did not. So now they can finally see what we go through at home with the testing. He was suppose to have a gastric emptying study done before we left the hospital, but it was not scheduled until 230 and apparently it takes 2 hours. I had an OB appointment I could not miss, so we decided to have it done outpatient. Hopefully we can get it done in the next week or 2. Over all he is doing great. His muscles are looser, but not as much as I thought they would be. His arms are great, but his legs are better, but are still tight. The botox takes time to work though. What we see now are the results of just the phenol. He has been vomiting a lot, but he was off his reflux and gastropheresis meds for over 5 days and we just restarted them yesterday.
Andrew got his 1st big boo boo today my nephew James slammed his fingers in the door and locked the bathroom door so it took my husband a few moments to get him to unlock the door to free his baby hand. :-( He was way less dramatic about it than Ava would have been. It did break the skin, but he is moving them fine now. He keeps showing me his hand and telling me "broken". He is learning so many words and understanding so much. I asked who was making mommy dinner last night and chimes in "not me mommy, not me!". Then he threw a 2 liter bottle at me. He is telling me what he wants to eat and what he does not like. Today he told me hot dogs are nasty and that he wanted "pizza" which is what he calls peanut butter sandwiches.
Ava has a few weeks left in VPK 4. It will be nice having her out for the summer. I can't believe she is starting kindergarten next year!!! She is such a good big sister. She was so worried about Jacob being in the hospital. We picked her up from school yesterday after leaving the hospital and my sister had Jacob with her. She was very upset that we did not have him with us so she could make sure he was okay. Jacob had a rather scary vomiting episode hours after his over night feed stopped this morning. He was screaming for help. I swear for a none verbal child he was screaming help me! Jack ran to check on him and he had rolled from his side to his back and was chocking on vomit. Jack said it was everywhere (I could not get my fat almost 39 week pregnant butt out of bed as fast as Jack could)
He was only getting 2oz an hour and I stopped his feed at 6am. At 8am apparently he had quiet a bit of food left in his belly that all came up. Jacob was upset. He was shaking. I could tell it really scared him. He was foaming from his mouth and refused to swallow or let me in his mouth. He laid in bed with us and finally calmed down and went back to sleep. He is fine now. Ava came in the room with him and layed with him for hours after that.
We had our OB check up and ultrasound yesterday. They estimate her weight at 8lbs 11oz at 38 weeks and 5 days. I suspect she is probably smaller than that. She is facing up and I have no desire to push out another baby face up...especially one that is expected to be large after a c section. So, unless we go into labor before Tuesday we will be having a schedule c section Tuesday May 8, 2012. Her name will be  announced after she is born. I think we finally agreed on a name after months of arguing about a day.

Andrew's boo boo hand...I told him to say cheese for the picture and this is what  Igot
Jacob sleeping after chocking on his vomit
Ava fell asleep worrying about her brother
Jacob in recovery


  1. I am glad that everything went well in the hospital. (I am not new to your blog, just don't comment that often. I do love it!) Also, I love that Andrew call peanut butter sandwiches "pizza". :) Great pictures!

  2. Jen - This is Laraine (I met you when we went to dinner with Karen). Good luck with your C-section tomorrow!!. I bet you can't wait to meet your baby girl.

    I've been following your blog and love seeing all the cute pictures of your kids.

    You'll be in my thoughts for a safe and uneventful delivery!