Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Ava has been so excited for days to give me the gift she made for me at preschool. I am very proud of her for being so patient and waiting. She called my mom into my bedroom yesterday to show it to her, then she hid it under my bed. Then told me I could not look under the bed (which I couldn't get down there anyway because of the c-section incision) because daddy had something hidden down there. She was really upset on Friday when I told her Saturday was not mother's day. So, this morning she was wrapped up with playing with her cousins that spent the night she forgot about her gift. My sister Patricia came over this morning and made breakfast for everyone. The kids went outside and picked flowers for us. Ava gave me flowers in a cup, my mother who is staying with me from AL to help with the kids and new baby, and some for my sister Patricia. It was so cute.

This afternoon we met with Jack's parents. Ava made Jack's mother a paper airplane that she decorated. We gave her a plant that she helped pick and a card. She also drew my mother a picture of the both of them and and a flower with pink clouds in the sky. She is just to cute and I love the age that she is at. She is getting so big. I am so proud of her. She is so loving and has a heart of gold. She definitely has her moments, but I am so proud of her. Her last day of preschool is next week. Then next school year my big girl will be in Kindergarten and in less than a month she will be FIVE!

Andrew also drew me a picture today. He scribbled all over a piece of paper. He had Ava draw "mickey mouse". He is a die hard fan. Then he crumbled it up in a ball and threw it at me. LOL I love him. He makes sure he gets his mommy time in. Him and Ava fight for "the best seat in the house" which is usually sitting next to me or Jack...pretty much who ever is sitting on the chase lounge on the couch. Andrew gets his share of wins. The baby was up until 4am this morning so after breakfast I decided i would take a nap. Andrew climbed in bed and sat next to me. He can just lay next to me...he has to make sure his body is touching me at all times. My mom was laying with me and when  I woke he was between with part of his body touching each of us.

Jacob has been so calm and such a happy little boy since his leg injections. He is not summer loose, but definitely a lot better than before. When he stands his legs slide apart like he is trying to do a split instead of crossing over the top of each other. He has stopped scratching his face. He has been more "verbal" making a lot more sounds and noise instead of just crying. Since the new baby is hear he went from being "the baby" to I don't know what. Makes me realize how big he really is. Kinda scares me not thinking of his as a baby anymore. "The babies" will be 3 in July. Where does the time go? He is taller than Andrew. He is so happy and I'm so glad I am his mommy.

Hannah, wow I never knew I could love another child so much. I was really worried I would have issues bonding from the traumatic birth with the boys. While she was inside I loved her, but I tried to hold back my emotions. We also had name issues and I did not have an identity for her. As soon as I woke up in the recovery room, I felt my stomach and the void of not having her with me, made me long for her. It was 3 hours from the time of her birth until I got to mother baby that I finally got to lay eyes on her and see her little face. I loved her before I even saw her. At 1st I was okay with no seeing her birth, but now I am sad. I cried tonight thinking about all the strangers in the room that got to see, hear, and touch my baby before I got to. Then I felt very angry that not one person told me about her birth in the recovery room. I was in so much pain when I woke up, but no one said anything to me. Not even a weight, height etc. I only knew what time she was born because I looked at my right arm that said baby girl Gunter @1137. I heard the nurse say her weight in report when they took me to my room. Trying not to dwell on what I could not control. I had so much anxiety when they tried to get the spinal and then the epidural in. I cried the entire time. I really tried to relax, but they could not get it. It bothers me Jack could not be there either. It was 20 minutes before he got to see her after she was born, but I am glad he got to hold her and love on her for almost 3 hours before I got to see her. He loves her so much. He is watching The Muffets sitting on the couch with her right now. She is sleeping on his chest. She is the best baby. I could not asked God for a better edition to our family. My heart is filled with joy and love and not sadness. I am soaking up this time having my husband home with me for a few weeks and my mom being her, before it goes back to the normal every day routine. I am starting to miss my job already and it is starting to sink in that I am no longer an emergency room nurse. UNEMPLOYED! It scares me, but I am glad I get to devote all my time to my children right now.

My recovery from the c-section has been good so far. The 1st 3 days I need pain medication all the time. I have not taken anything for pain in almost 2 days now. It still hurts to get up and down. Hurts to cough. They used the same scar that it is vertical from the triplets. Last time they stapled the incision closed. This time they used dermabond glue. I wonder how the scar will look this time. Defiantly not as strait as it looked last time. Maybe it is just the swelling...we will see. I am swollen from my feet all the way up to my waist. Funny thing things you forget...I forgot that I was swollen like this after the triplets as well.

Well the baby has been asleep for about an hour so I guess it is my turn to go as well.

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