Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hannah's Birth Story

Taken from Hannah's blog

Well Mommy and Daddy had to be up at 0630 am to get to the hospital by 0730 on May 8th for your birth. Aunt Tricia and Aunt Tabby came to watch your brothers and sister while we went to the hospital. Mrs. Jill took Jacob later that day and Aunt Tabby stayed at our house with Andrew and Ava while we stayed in the hospital with you. Your birth was scheduled for 0930. They started an IV and took blood. We did not get back to the OR until around 11am. They tried to do a spinal block 2x and and epidural 3 times. They were unsuccessful with these attempts. Your daddy waited out side the OR while they tried to get everything ready. They told me they had to put me to sleep and that I would miss your birth since they could not get the spinal or epidural in. I cried and cried the entire time they tried. My heart sank for you daddy as well. He was not allowed in the room since I had to go to sleep. You were born at 11:37am. They took you from the operating room at 11:57 am. Your daddy waited outside the door for you. He got to follow you to the nursery for them to clean you up and give you your first bath. I woke up in the recovery room in a lot of pain. I was by myself and the nurse was not very friendly. I asked for you and they called for them to bring you to me. No one ever came. I was in recovery for 1 1/2 hours. I was finally taken to my room at 2:30, 3 hours after you were born. I came into the room to find your daddy holding you. I am so glad that he got to spend that time with you when I could not be there.

After we settled down. Your Aunt Tricia and Tabetha brought back your sister Ava and your brothers. Your brothers slept the entire visit. My friend Tanya also came with gifts. Everyone held you and commented on how big you were. By the way mommy also did not get to find out how big you were until I was leaving recovery. I only heard when she called report to the other nurse. Once I seen you your daddy got to tell me the details . You were 9 lbs. 1 oz. and 21 inches long. You are so beautiful. I love you so much. I love holding you and never want to put you down.

You are such a good sleeper. During the night you only wake up once or twice to eat and go back to sleep.We left the hospital and got to bring you home on May 10th around 4:30 pm. Andrew and Ava was so excited to see you. Ava wants to hold you all the time. Andrew tries to give you blankets. Jacob laughs and giggles when we put you next to him. You are so very much loved and I look forward to watching you grow every day. You are 4 days old today. I'm watching you sleep in you swing as I type this.

Yesterday we took you to your 1st doctors appointment. You checked out perfect. You are currently 8lbs 13oz and still 21 inches long.  We go back again in 2 weeks.
walking back to the operating room

pushing baby out to Jack

in nursery getting clean

with daddy waiting on mommy

waiting on mommy to get out of recovery

meeting mommy and mommy feeding you

big brothers

big sister holding for the 1st time
My babies

totally medicated
Jacon and Hannah

2 days old
2 days old Sleeping Princess
Jacob and his sister
The gifts

About to leave the hospital to go home

In the car seat for her 1st car ride

Going home
Just got home and Ava already HAD to hold her and Andrew never trails far behind.

The Mamaroo

Jack and Hannah 59/12
 Andrew ad Hannah 5/9/12
Hannah headed to her 1st doctor appointment 3 days old
Hannah 4 days old

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  1. cute photos! I really like the one with your whole family! I hope to do one similar! so emotional though about your anesthesia... i would definately cry too!
    I still think its funny that we both have a Jacob & Andy with one Brown one Blonde. When i looked at the photo with the two of them in the double stroller sleeping... i swear they even look like my own kids. and we will both have 4 kids now too around the same time (our live ones, not including our angel babies) It's been fun being pregnant together and I am so happy for your family! Hannah is beautiful! Ava is going to love having another dolly to play with. lol jk. I always called my daughter "Dolly" when she was a baby... they are just so precious!