Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Welcome to Fall!

It is so wonderful finally feeling the nice cool dry air coming to Central Florida. I actually opened the windows and turned off the A/C today for the 1st time since spring. :-)

Jacob is still in a non-sick state. His congestion that he always has is hardly there. Knock on WOOD! That I don't report this and repost in a few days he is sick!! Nothing new, exciting, or fantastic going on with him. I would not say he is regressing, but defiantly not progressing. I feel like we are sitting still not even baby steps forward :-(. Jacob never does anything consistently. He will not even take steps this week. He takes his glasses off all the time. I can hardly get him to wear them. I still have not noticed any major difference with him wearing them. He still does not track objects or at least small ones and he will not track anything that does not have a light. So I'm not sure if this glasses have helped his vision at all or if they have, very little. He still seems like he looks at me more when I hold him. He gets excited when I walk toward him. So he does recognize someone standing by him. Oh, I just don't know anymore. The HBOT is free, but we are spending a little over $500 in gas every 2 weeks between Jack driving the 32 miles to his job and me driving the 60 something miles one way to St. Pete. I'm getting tired. I tired of rushing around to get things done in the morning and spending the entire afternoon on the interstate. I hope Jack takes him by himself tomorrow or Thursday. He insists that we drag the whole family on his day off to go because he does not want to drive by himself. He tells me it is not fair because I make my sister come with me when I go.This is only because  I make her get in the chamber with him so I do not have to :-) Honestly at this point it would be nice to have some "alone" time in the car. I'm never alone unless you consider me sitting up at 1am while everyone is asleep as alone time. I need some get out of the house by myself time!!!

***editing blog*** so I just took out 3 paragraphs of me going into a total rant about my husband LOL

Andrew is a MONSTER! He is a big bad MONSTER! That kid does not stop for nothing. His entire day consists of leaving a path of destruction behind him. He did good this morning working with the early interventionist. She got him to sit still for almost an hour putting shapes in and out of a bucket. I worry about him. I worry if he is going to have attention problems and learning problems or if he is just being a boy. Kinda bothers me that some of the other multiples I know that are months younger than him are standing and walking already. Oh well I am continuing trying to take everything one day at a time, and not think to far into the future.

 I think I need a better antidepressant. I am so tired all the time I can't even make myself get up and exercise. I so looked forward to my Zumba DVDs and I just stare at the box. I know I would feel better and have more energy if I would just get up and do it. I was watching all those I used to be fat shows the other night. Makes me so much more depressed that I want to eat a cookie. So I am taking small steps like trying to avoid eating fast food on the way to St Pete and on the way back...and when I do stop it is a kids meal and not a full meal with a Large coke. :-) Mmmm McDonalds french fries Oh how they have me addicted.

I watched Ava do her ballet today at school. They are so freaking cute, but I am not sure the $$ I spend to let her go is worth the 30 minutes of kids dancing around 1 time a week. There are to many kids in the class for her to actually learn anything, but hey I guess it is some exercise for her and she gets to wear he pink ballet tutu LOL

Okay now that I am done writing a blog about nothing I will end it and my fat ass is waiting for my yummy pizza I ordered to get here because I'm feeling all sad and depressed because Jack rear ended someone at work and no I get to wait 2 days to see if he is going to be suspended over it...he always F's up on the last day he works before his days off. Maybe I will win the lottery this week :-/

Crap I just looked at Jacob's face and his eye is all swollen and red WTH!!!!!

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