Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Answering prayers

I believe God is answering some prayers for use this week. We are all still mildly sick, but much improved from the past 2 weeks. Jacob was solely tube fed for nearly 2 weeks. he has been eating by mouth since yesterday, but I am having to thicken his liquids quite a bit his suck is kinda weak and not as coordinated has it has been .Hopefully over the next week as he continues to get better this will improve.

Jacob had an extremely good day with his physical therapist. When he has good days like this, it gives me a glimpse of hope to see what his potential is. Unfortunately he does all these wonderful things 1 day and then stops doing them for weeks and months! Anyways we will rejoice in what God brings me and be grateful for the "good" days and continue to pray there is many more good days to come.

Jacob was very alert and active today. He was standing well in his walker and when his hands were held. He has had very good head control today. He was sitting with his arms supported on a table without arching backwards. He was mimicking sounds. For example,  I asked Andrew if he wanted to go night night and Jacob blurts out very loudly I might add nightnightnightnightnightnightnight LOL Andrew and Jacob were crying night night in unison yesterday. The PT also had him rolling and laying on his side. He really tries hard to roll, he gets about 3/4 of the way there, but he just doesn't have the coordination yet to complete the task. He extends his arms and opens his hands up. I have notice less of him clenching fists and retracting arms to his chest. Anyways I almost wish I would have taken a video of how well behaved he was being today.

His vision is another issue though...I think his glasses are doing nothing for him now. If anything they are making it worse. He hardly tracks at all. He will still follow the spinning light globe thing, but does not look toward the TV anymore. He does not look at your face or follow you when you move across the room. His eyes cross in alot, which I guess is a good thing. It show that he is trying to see. His appointment is this Friday. I hope the doctor has positive things to say and solutions for him. I think maybe a different prescription.

Andrew is doing very well. As always he tends to do everything his own way in and in HIS order. He is now attempting to climb furniture. I caught him standing on the shelf under the end table in the living room. He pulled himself up and then proceeded to put his feet up on the shelve and climb. He gets really mad when he realizes he can't get on top of the table lol. Yesterday he tried to put his foot on the couch and pull himself from the floor to the couch. LOL he might be able to climb on furniture before he can even stand alone or walk. His babbling has become clearer. He is saying mama and da-de to the correct person. He also cries night night when he is tired and ba ba. I am still working with him trying to get him to clap his hands and wave bye bye.

Ava is obsessed with showering, washing her hands, changing her cloths 1000x a day and brushing her teeth and hair...I suppose this is a good thing LOL. She is getting better at school. She is warming up to the other kids a little and is starting to interact with them.

Jack and I are on mission weight loss. We started Body by Vi milkshake things. Basically like slim fast except you make your own. I am only on day 3 but I am STARVING! I don't like the taste of the shake power itself it is cream flavored. You can add whatever you want to them to flavor. We have tried strawberries and bananas, pineapple, and peanut butter and banana. Pineapple did not mask the taste I do not like, but a teaspoon of peanut butter and an entire banana does the trick. It is actually pretty darn good. We eat small snacks 2x a day I try to keep them under 150 calories and then a healthier dinner. I SO look forward to dinner every night now lol I know this is not a "good" or permanent form of weight loss, but you loose weight fast and Jack and I are so heavy that is what we need right now, then we will transition over to weight watchers again. I have an appointment for a lap-band orientation on November 11th I believe. I am still going to look to that route unless I really impress myself over the next few months. I'm hoping Jack joins me..I need to see if his insurance covers it still.
I feel like I am forgetting something, but oh well it will give me something to write later.

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