Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ears and 15 month Check-Up

This morning Andrew and Jacob had their 15 month old check up. It was suppose to be a "well baby" check up, but...that never works with my kids. They are still sick Sick SICK!

Andrew at 15 months:
is 23.4 pounds (31.4 percentile) for weight.
is 30 inches (14.3 percentile) for height.
a head circumference of 18.40 inches (34.2 percentile) for head circumference.

Adjusted age (They due date was 10/10/09)

At 12 months:

81.3 percentile for weight.
73.2 percentile for height.
88.2 percentile for head circumference.

At 15 months:

is 21.2 pounds (8 percentile) for weight.
is 30 inches (14.3 percentile) for height.
a head circumference of 16.14 inches (less than the 3rd percentile) for head circumference.

Adjused age for a 12 month old:
At 12 months:

22.7 percentile for weight.
51.1 percentile for height.
less than the 3rd percentile for head circumference.

They both have a good growth curve. With Jacob's head he is actually under 0% but it is growing along its own curve.

Jacob has his very 1st ear infection in his left ear. So even though we were at a "well baby" check we still got antibiotics. :-/ So, because of this ear infection NO MORE HYPERBARIC for now. She said 10 days. We are suppose to be finished on the 29th, so we would be able to go back on the 27th. I'm not going back for 2 days. Gas was killing us anyways. The gas between my car and Jack's work commute was costing approximently $1170 a month! On average I filled up every other day except weekends and Jack fills up 3 times in 2 weeks I think. There was the 6 days we spent in th hospital, but we were still having to drive to Tampa..blah anyways. I'm glad it is over for now 2 months in a row was just a little to much. I may try it 1 more time in January.

This biggest thing I must say I have seen a noticable difference in him is head control and muscle tone. Even the doctor noticed today how much better he is doing keeping his head up longer.

Next big appointments for Jacob is 24 hour EEG on the 25th and he sees the the Light House for the Blind eye doctor on the 29th. I think they will change his Rx on his glasses. They don't seem to be working as well as they were when he 1st got them. His eyes are crossing in again when he trys to focus.

***I wrote his on the 18th and apparently forgot to actually post it*** The EEG appt has been rescheduled for November 4th I think...because he was sick. He has his eye doctor appt this Friday at 11:30***

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