Saturday, October 16, 2010

Logan's Balloon release

Today we participated in the Sweet Pea Project and released a balloon for Logan and Ava release one for our miscarriage in February 2008 at Barnett Park. It was hard knowing that everyone around me had lost a child or children as well. It took a lot not to cry. It was very sweet. I think I will do it every year. On an upbeat to make the occasion less sad their was a classic car show going on with music and lots of people. Ava got to see the Weenie Mobile today and got her 1st Weenie whistle. I got a picture of it, but  I am to lazy to upload the picture from my camera. I have to be at work in 7 hours I should really go to bed. Back on track now....we released the balloons at 6pm 10/15/2010. Ava screamed for a hot dog after leaving the weenie mobile. We had to stop in a gas station to get her one LOL. We picked up pizza. When we got home we burned 2 candles for an hour. Apparently we were suppose to start burning them at 7pm..well we never do anything on time around here so ours burned from 7:30-8:30.  :-) We burned 1 for Logan and 1 for a pregnancy loss which Jack decided tonight he was going to call Amber :-/ I think that is a little weird. :-) I sat at home and gorged myself with more food than 1 person should eat in a day much less 1 sitting. It's okay we are starting some new diet thing as soon as it comes in the mail...we will see how that will go. I don't believe I have mentioned it because I know I am always talking about sick kids, but Andrew and Jacob are having their monthly sicky right started I'd say about 4 days ago. I am hoping it is peaking and will be getting better next week. Jacob has been tube feed for 3 days now. He will not even suck. Andrew is not eating very much. Jacob is also doing his vomiting like he did before that landed him in the hospital. I think I have a little better control over it now. I stopped feeding him over night because 2 of the 4 night I have woke up to find him covered in vomit!!! Andrew has even been throwing up a little. Please pray for them and our family. I just hope each illness gets less severe and shorter. I would love just to go 2 months without an illness here. IS THAT REALLY TO MUCH TO ASK. Well, this is all for now. Thanks for reading and God Bless
Logan's balloon

Sending the ballons up

The candles in the front window of our house. One for Logan and one for "Amber"(per Jack) 2/08 pregnancy loss

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