Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stupid IUD! Jacob had pneumonia Family in town

So My dad drove from AL to my house on Saturday morning my sister Sarah, her boyfriend, and son got here Sunday night. My mom has been here since 3/31.

To start, Jacob was really sick on Sunday both boys had been sick for about a week. Saturday night he had a very high fever I could not break (BTW apparently I was under dosing his meds). At 530 am I decided to take him to the ER. They gave him an appreciate amount of Tylenol and Motrin together and his fever went from 103.9 to 99 over about 2 hours. He had a chest x-ray and blood drawn with an IV. He had IV antibiotics in the ER. His oxygen saturation kept dropping in the high 80's, but was staying normally between 90-95% Turns out he had right upper lobe pneumonia. They kept him in the hospital over night because he did end up on oxygen when he stayed in the 80's to long. He was discharged around 1pm (I think) on Monday. He was doing much better.

Monday night my wonderful friend Jill took the boys for the night. My sister Tabetha watched Ava and my nephew James. My parents, Jack, and my sister and Levi went to the casino. My sister lost over $100 my parents were up by $40 when they stopped. Jack won $29 and I initially won $82 and then lost it. So mine and Jack total loss was only like $6 in the end. LOL but it was fun.

Tuesday my we all went to Disney World and went to the Magic Kingdom. We took Ava and James to. We got there at 10ish left a little before 8pm and then went to Ohonas for dinner. We watched the 10pm from the beach at the hotel. Picked the boys up around midnight and then it was nap time. Poor Jack had 3 night in a row of less than 4 hours of sleep and had to be at work Wednesday morning.

Oh and I totally forgot. Our patio was laid in the backyard on Monday to. I will post pics soon when I get off my butt and take them,

Wednesday I did nothing but go to walmart and Lowes. I did get to drill a 4 inch hole in my wall to make way for a new dryer vent so hopefully our cloths will dry faster and the dumb ass dryer will stop telling me to clean the lent thing every 7 minutes.

I have been feeling very tired and sick for a little over a month now. Even taking the adipex it has not helped. I thought it was just depression or something. I have been nauseous which I figured was a side effect from the med and even vomited a few times. While I was at Disney I got really bad cramps after riding Space Mountain. Then I went to the bathroom and realized I had started bleeding. I was not due for a period, but I honestly don't know when the heck I should be having one because since I got this stupid IUD in September I have had some sort of bleeding every week. So then I started having these paranoid thoughts that I was pregnant. While at Wal-mart yesterday I picked up a 3 pack of cheap pregnancy tests. I took one when I came home and it appeared negative. I threw it away. Then I remember when I was pregnant with the triplets I took one the day I was due for my period and it also appear negative. 2 days later I looked at the same test and indeed once it dried it had a very faint blue line, I just did not wait long enough I guess when I initially took it. So, thinking about this I took the test back out of the trash and looked at it again. Sure enough there it was the faintest of blue lines in the positive spot. I took another ones this morning with the same faint line. This time I examined the test well to make sure you could not see a line under it before I peed on it. I called my OB and I went in for a blood test to see if these test are playing mind games with me. Either way neg or pos there is still an issue. I can't find the IUD string. I am bleeding heavier than I have since I got the IUD placed with cramps and clots. So if I was/am I am prob having a miscarriage. I read up about pregnancy with IUD last night and most cases do end up in miscarriage from what I seen. There were those lucky ones who did deliver full term babies with IUD still in. Crazy. I wish I could donate my super ovulating ability to someone who needs a baby. So I will know for sure tomorrow. Either way they have to do an ultrasound to check the IUD placement. I hope it was negative since I am bleeding so much and that I am just actually having a period. Now that I have grossed everyone out with my personal business I will say goodbye till next time LOL

*UPDATE* I went to the doctor on Thursday and had blood drawn. On friday morning I called and spoke with the nurse she said the blood test was negative. So, either I had 2 false posative tests, or what was there had already passed from my body by the time the blood was drawn. I also went today (Monday) to have IUD placement checked and apprently I had not drank enough water and I was told I had to reschule the exam.

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  1. Jennifer, google blue dye pregnancy test false positives and evaporation lines. They're notorious for them! They leave an "evaporation" line that looks like a positive after a day or so (or sometimes less) -- men have peed on them and gotten positive results! Just thought I'd mention it for future reference. I hope your IUD was still in place!

    I enjoyed the article in the Ledger so much. I don't know you or your family, but I enjoy your blog's candor and admire your strength. Please continue your posts!