Friday, April 16, 2010

To buy or not to buy

So this has been a really crappy week. Work sucked last weekend. My muscles hurt so bad by the time I left Sunday. Monday was spent doing HOA matience with Jack at the front of our subdivision then we came home to find our washing machine leaking from the under side of it and not spinning. Tuesday we had to have our septic tanked pumped for the 2nd time since Febuary 18th. Our drain field is not working and the tank was so full water was coming from the ground. Also on Tuesday had a place come out and quote us for a padio coming off our back door. Jack has been wanting this forever and I felt that since I insisted on having the floors in the house replaced, that I had to let him have something he wanted. Friday afternoon after the patio was paid for we got into a huge fight over some really stupid stuff esp money. I snapped I totally went crazy if it was not for the fact I did not want to go to jail I would have attacked him. I also had to take care of my sister's sick kids this week. So guess who is sick now! EVERYONE!! Wednesday I took Jack to work so he could bring back his old Explorer. It has been with the mechanic for over a month. I had a date with my frined Melissa and that stupid truck really ruined our plans. The plans was that Jack was going to meet us so we could drop the truck off at the family's home that we are donating it to. It was suppose to be a suprise. Yeah, well Melissa and I were visiting Logan's grave site I got a call from Jack saying the truck broke down on him in Polk City. So instead of our dinner plans we had to drive to Polk City and drop him off at home. We had prebought movie tickets so we had McDonald's happy meals for dinner LOL drove to the movie. Got some really nasty nachos that were over $11 that tasted like chemical. I could not eat them ended up throwing them away and vomited up everything I ate. After the movie we went to Denny's and then home for nap time. I spent yesterday doing NOTHING it was great. Today is garage cleaning day. We will see how it goes. All 3 kids are sickie and Ava has a fever. The green snot started rolling today. She has not slept well. She has been waking up early and making sure she wakes me up too. She thinks it is exceotable to stay up until 2 or 3 am and has mininal naps during the day if any. I don't know how she is functioning.

Oh and on Wednesday I had the appliance repair man come out and fix the washing machine $100 later. I just had the dryer fixed maybe a month ago give or take. Ugh! Some how a baby sock got past the barrel and went into the pump and jammed it. Caused it to leak and not spin. We looked into getting a front load washing machine. They use way less water and you don't have to worry about it being off balance all the time. They are SO expensive though. They started that goverment rebate program today. I am debating on if I want to spend that kind of money knowing we have to pay $3000 to replace our drain field. because you know if I get the washer I must have the dryer. I guess I will reserve the rebate thing and I have until the 25th to decide. That is all for now. I am off to start cleaning the garage until Jacob's physical theropist gets here. This Adipex and doing nothing for be but giving me dry mouth.

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