Monday, April 19, 2010

Sick Babies

Lots of things going on this week and unfortunately all the kids are sick with green nasty noses and coughing. Today they boys go for their 9 month old check up. I am going to ask the doctor about Ava as well. I'm so tired of her coming in my room every night between 2-6am crying that her tummy hurts. Maybe she has acid reflux or something. This has been going on and off for a long time now. I'll post later how the doctor visit goes. Our new washer and dryer is going to be delivered today. I'm excited. We got Bosch 4.4cu ft front loader washer and dryer. This is going to save a TON of water. The washer only uses 13 gallons of water verses my current washer that uses 40gallons. This will help lesson our septic tanks crisis in the future...I HOPE Everything in my house runs to the septic washer, dishwasher and shower, toilet etc all the usual. We apparently have a 15,000 gallon septic tank. I prob wrote all this before but it still stresses me. We had the tank pumped for the 1st time since we lived here (2ys) and the septic guy said it was past full it backed up to the point the toilets would not flush and the shower did not drain. He told us then that our drain field was prob bad. We pumped it expecting to get through until income tax time then have it replace. Well, it was full again last week this time it actually came out of the tank and started running on the ground EWWWWW. So we call the same guy back out pumps it again. Less than a week later Jack looks at it on Saturday and IT IS FULL TO THE TOP AGAIN. Bad part is that it take like a month until they can come out and dig a drain field because they have to get permits etc 1st plus other jobs ahead of ours. Jack found the junction box to the drain field and dug some clogged paper and slim out of it. NASTY NASTY NASTY and it started to drain a little. He said it was full of sand and prob needed to be replaced still.

Tuesday we are FINALLY suppose to get the floor finished!. Wednesday I have education at work all morning long. Jacob gets his physical therapy Wednesday and Friday still.

Ava is making more of an effort to not use her diaper as a toilet. I did find her sitting in my sink in my bathroom trying to bath because she pooped in her pants and was trying to hide it. Why she thought bathing poop off her butt in the sink was acceptable I have no clue.

It has been such a blessing to have my mom here this past week. Jack and I have gotten so much stuff done. The latest accomplishment was getting the garage cleaned. We can actually park our car in there again. Oh well Jacob is fussing again. We have been giving the babies albuterol/pulmicort treatments all week and they have been super whining and not sleeping. I need to feed them and get them ready for the doctor.

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