Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Feeding Pump Issues!

Argh! I am so tired of Jacob's feeding pump. I think we have been through at least 5 since he got his g-tube June 2010 and 3 of those have been in the last 4 months...and they are replacing it again today.

I make Jacob's formula. It is slightly thicker than commercial made formula, but not by much. It is still plenty liquid and has worked in his pump for months until the last few weeks. The pump alarms every 10cc for about the 1st 200cc then it suddenly wants to work. Go figure!

Today will be my 2nd pump in 5 days. We currently use a Kangaroo Joey pump. I have never tried any other pump, but the MD is suppose to write us a prescription today for the EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump I guess this pump is suppose to be pretty awesome. Apparently it even works if it is laying on it side. It does not require it to be hooked to an IV pole in an upright position like the Kangaroo Joey. I hope they can get it to me soon. Another mom I talk to says she switched her son to this pump with the thicker formula and has had no issues with it.

The kids had fun last night for Halloween. Ava was Cinderella and the boys were Rock Stars. I was a bad mom and did not take any pictures of them dressed up last night. I do have some pictures I took of Ava dressed up for a fall festival last week.

Got the boys hair cut yesterday. (Andrew's 1st professional hair cut) then I spray painted there hair green to go with their rock star outfits. They wore long sleeve red shirts with guitars on the front and black pants.

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