Monday, November 7, 2011

New Feeding Tube Pump

The new feeding tube pump came in this afternoon. I hope this one is "THE ONE" I got it brand spanking new in th box. They did not having the carry bag for it yet.  The new pump is the Zevex Infinity pump.

We have only used it for 1 feed, but it was total bliss. Not ONE TIME did the pump beep saying it was clogged, I did not have to hit continue 100 times. It is hald the size of our old pump. I love that you can pull all the air out of the bag and it can actually be layed down flat (or if it is in the carry bag and falls over) it will not affect the flow of the food and my son is less likely to get air in his stomach from the pump. The Joey Pump had an easier display. I have not figured out if I can delay the feed on this pump. Jacob gets medication 30 minutes before he eats. I used to delay the other pump at bedtime so it would automaticly start after 3o minutes. I really like it and hope this is the pump he will use for a long time.

I am also currently researching gait trainers for my son. He currently uses a Rifton gait trainer. He does not do very well in it. He can move it forward, but it is very big and heavy. I recently came across a really awsome gait trainer looking online that I would love to is about the same price as the rifton. My physcial therapist is going to see if we can get our hands on one around here. It is called a Mulholland Walkabout Gait Trainer. I found a blog from a woman with a spastic quadriplegic son who raised funds to get one.

picture I found on the internet of a child in this style walker.
These are the videos the blog mentioned above posted on Youtube of her child in this walker I love it!

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