Sunday, November 27, 2011

We are in Alabama

We are all currently on our annual vacation to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. We have been here since 11/21 and plan on coming home on 12/1. We are enjoying a much needed vacation away from therapist and school.

I was very worried I would not be able to find away to get Jacob's equipment up here. His left hip is still very tight and very well may need surgery. I just remember I did not update after his latest appointments before we left. We seen the physical medicine on the 17th. It was absolutely a waste of time, energy, and money. She said she is keeping everything exactly the way it is and for me to follow-up with Shriner's for his hips. He is only 2 months out on the botox and can only have it every 4 months. He is at the max dose on the Baclofen and his neurologist does not want him on Valium. She didn't even order an x-ray to see how his hips were sitting. Just annoys me. I don't understand what her purpose is outside of being another drug pushing doctor is she does nothing besides meds.

On the 18th he had his fitting for TAOs. I have to call tomorrow to see where they are at in the progress of getting the referral from the MD and insurance approval. They said the entire process is usually less than a month.

Back to our trip. My sister had the genius idea of taking the middle seat out of the van and moving the 3 seater seat to the middle which gave us a HUGE trunk space. Next year I do not know what we will do we won't be able to pull the middle seat out ;-) So I was able to bring Jacob's wheel chair, his gait trainer for him to stand in and his feeder seat. Overall he has done well. He got sick on us about 2 days ago and has had a barking cough and congestion. Mommy came prepared though and he has his mobile pharmacy on board helping him get better.

Andrew and Ava are really enjoying themselves. They love spending time with grandma. Yesterday we went to a waterfall in Fort Payne, AL, the day before that we drove to Chattanooga, TN to see my mother's biological mother and got a picture with her and and all the great grandchildren with us. All we do when we are here is EAT! I decided we need to keep a food journal of how many places we can eat in how many cities and states  and a road kill journal LOL So far we have been to these restaurants since Monday in the is order LOL O'Charley's Alberville, AL, Shoney's Alberville, AL, Giovoni's Albertville. AL, Shoney's again...same one, Ryan's Chattanooga, TN, and Cracker Barrol Alberville, AL, and Ryan's Fort Payne, AL...notice a trend they are mostly buffets thanks to my dad Oh and this is not counting the various fast food places like Jack's and KFC...the only time we had a meal at home was on Thanksgiving. Today is Sunday. It is our day of rest. No going out to dinner today. We are going to have a nice lazy day at my parents.

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  1. praying for health and wellness with your family! I became a new follower of your blog! :) Erin