Monday, November 14, 2011

Therapeutic Ambulatory Orthotic System (TAOS)

I had an online friend who lives close to me that I met recently recommend this product to me. Her son is 5 and uses this to help ambulate. I am very very excited to see if I can get my hands on one of these for Jacob. Like I have written before I am in the process of researching gait training devices and this one really makes me smile.

From what I have read on their website and from what my friend has told me that these are readily paid for by private insurance and medicaid unlike other walking devices that you have to prove your child can use. They are considered orthopedic equipment just like AFOs. So, technically you can have one of these and another gait training device.

Tomorrow I will be calling the company to set up a meeting with them. My son does not have medicaid currently so my fingers are crossed that my crappy ass private insurance will cover this product...or I will have to wait until I leave my job next year.

The website for the company is They say the can fit children as small as 18 months up to 23 years old. The height limit is 5 foot tall and the weight limit is 120lbs.

I like THIS VIDEO from the website better than than the ones I found on youtube.

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  1. Hey Jennifer, thanks for the comment.

    I hope that your meeting with the company goes well and that your private insurance covers it. I'm pulling for you guys.

    I'm assuming that all else is well. No news is good news!?