Thursday, August 4, 2011

We are Home

Finally made it home with Jacob just after 3 today (8/2). Wow today has royally sucked! Jacob has screamed a good part of the day. He vomited before we left today. He vomited twice last night. I am so discouraged right now. I am glad he is home, but he is 5 days post surgery. He seems just as miserable as day one. He has super thick slimy mucus coming from his mouth causing him to gag and chock all the time. I attempted to feed him when I got home. I bolus fed him just a few ounces. I even added Thick It to it thinking maybe it would stay down better. I think he got maybe 3oz over about 30 minutes. He was screaming in his crib...then he vomited. Jack took him and gave him a shower since he has not had a good bath in 6 days. Man he SMELLS! Mostly his dragon breath from the surgery though. No sooner did he get out of the shower, he started all over again. Just as we thought we had him settled down he started screaming again. I tried feeding him a 1/2 oz. Since he had not held food all day. I was actually on the phone with the pediatricians office during this event. (they called to check on him) He starts gagging on his thick mucous. I pick him up and he decided to vomit everything I just fed him and what was left behind from the previous 3oz. It even had lumps from the thickener I gave him. UGH! I had puke all over me, down the hall, and on the wall. The diaper gene was over flowing with diapers that had not been taken out by anyone in a week. I was trying to clean him, clean myself Jack takes over cleaning Jacob, but then asked me to take out the diapers etc. For some reason this seriously pissed me off.

***Today is 8/4/11***
Well, I guess I was in the middle of a rant when I had to stop blogging on Tuesday. I'm in a much better mood today. Jacob is still requiring pain medication almost every 4-6 hours. He coughs and gags and then screams like you are stabbing him. Poor Child. He also is healing from cold sores. Yes I apparently gave my baby some herpes simplex at some point in the last 2 years. He has NEVER had one before, but I have got them since I was in at least elementary school, My sister and mom get them too .Eww. Ava gets them as well. So, I guess the stress from the surgery and respiratory issues brought them out. He has a big one on the right cheek and on the right lip. They treated him from them in the hospital and they started getting better, but now since they are all dry they have started to scab and bleed. TMI, yeah I thought so to. I also started giving him robinal since we have been home. This has helped with his secretions. We went out to dinner last night and he made it through the entire outing with minimal crying. I even tried to feed him some ice cream which responded with sad face poking out lip face.

Today me vs. 4 kids spent 4 hours at the mall. We all at lunch for $7. I totally love this Chinese place in the food court $7 gives you enough to feed 2 adults or 1 fat person and 3 kids. LOL and I still brought some home. :-) I am preparing to get everything ready for Ava to start back to pre-k 4 this year. I got her hair cut. I had Christine's kid Brianna with me. So, all the kids minus Jacob spent some time playing at the play area in the mall. We spent a lot of time shoe shopping. Ended up getting a good deal on shoes for 3 kids. Bought Jacob some shoes from pay less to go over his AFOs they were B1G1 1/2 off so Brianna found a pair of light up shoes for $5.50 walked out with 2 pairs of shoes for less than $20. Brianna totally forced me to buy her shoes. How could I tell her no...hahaha she put them on and tore the tags off. LOLThey did not have shoes that I liked for Ava and she has been begging me for those ugly Sketchers Twinkle Toe shoes that run like $50! I have never bought her a pair of NEW name brand shoes. All her shoes in the past were bought off ebay or other places usually used...unless they were walmart of target shoes. Last year I bought her a pair of like new pink and white Nike shoes for $6.50 off ebay. I did check ebay for the twinkle toe shoes last night and the cheapest like new or new ones I found was around $25. So, today we went in to the shoe store just to look at these things to see how they fit her and if she even still wanted them. She found a pair that had Velcro closures which was part of my requirements...she put them on and would not take them off. LOL They were on sale for $35 so I ended up buying the dang things. I never seen her more tickled over something in my life. She almost fell running though the mall trying to watch the shoes light up. This is her 1st pair of light up shoes.

OH HECK NO! She is sitting on the couch next to me and I just asked her where her new school shoes were while I was thinking about them. She had them sitting next to her. LOL So I asked her if she still loved her new shoes..and she just replied, "No they are stupid!" OMG I say why? She says "They have to many (3) Velcro straps." Then says that they are okay though. SPOILED ROTTEN BRAT! LOL

Ava's "Stupid" new shoes. I think they are ugly...when I was buying them she thought they were the best thing ever LOL
Can't belive my baby has 2 weeks and 3 days before she starts pre-k 4.

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