Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jacob got his 1st Wheel Chair today.

Today was the big wheel chair day. We got the call yesterday afternoon that it was in and ready to be delivered today. I was excited and scared for it to come in. It was the dawn of a new era in special needs. THE BIG FAT WHEEL CHAIR!!!!

So, he shows up at 1:15 today. With this huge mammoth chair for my tiny 27lbs 2 year old. He also came with his new bath seat with the extended base that makes it higher off the ground. The chair's frame is suppose to fit him for 5 years.

Jacob seems to be comfortable in the chair. He sat in it for a few hours with no crying, just to test it out. The handles are very high, like nipple line (with the bra on lol)  height for me and I am 5' 7". To comfortably push the chair you have to tilt him back a little to get the handles to more stroller height. Then there are the little wheels on the back that stop it from tipping over. When you push it you kick the wheels. This dang chair is $6,688! Dang they should have thought about the comfort of those pushing their children in them as well. Grr!

I had knots in my stomach as I placed my son into the chair for the 1st time. I know nothing has changed about him before the chair arrived and after, but it was just the thought of knowing the much anticipated chair was going to yell to the world that my son is special needs. I wonder what kind of looks he will get. Will he look like a monster to other people? One not worthy of getting to know? A spectacle for people to look at and wonder what the hell is wrong with him? So many emotions I did not not think would bother me. I must admit he does not look like a monster in it. He looks pretty darn cute, but the 1st thing he did when he was in it was cross his eyes and start drooling. Then I imagined him being 20 cross eyed with a bib on sitting in even a bigger monster wheel chair.

Mainly it just disturbed me how big and heavy it was. I have a Baby Jogger City Mini double stroller that takes up most of my trunk. I LOVE MY STROLLER! Initially looking at the wheel chair I was thinking it may fit back there with it, then I tried. Not only does the beast take up the entire trunk, the handles are so tall you have to tilt it back and recline the chair to get it in there and it hardly fits. I had to move the stroller to the driver side van door. I can shove it in between the seat and the door.

Jack looked into wheel chair lifts the kind that attach to the back of the van and they were going to be nearly $3000 with a wheel chair accessible van running around $26,000 USED!

Oh well, I guess overall not much has changed. I plan to keep the wheel chair in the van for when it is needed and continue to use the double stroller when I am alone. I was looking into getting a single stroller for Andrew and put Jacob in the wheel chair when I am out with a 2nd adult.

Jacob in his Quickie Zippie wheel chair

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