Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Okay WTH? First off I would like to present this weeks search keywords that come up under my stats for when people come across my blog on google.

Google Search Keywords that brought people to my blog:
1. g tube
2. mother of a toddler and triplets
3. sonogram 2 identical 1 fraternal triplets
4. peg tube in children
5. ultrasound of triplets
6. 11 weeks pregnant twins ultrasound
7. g tube six year old
8. hip abduction pillow
9. iud stuck
10. little girl watching mom change her brother's diaper
 <----- WTF! Seriously why would anyone search for that and what the hell is in my blog coming up for someone to click on my blog for this search?!?!?
Okay not that it is something weird or dirty, just don't understand why someone would be a googling that.
Jacob had had Botox injects in the sides and back of his legs yesterday. Actually seems like his legs are slightly tighter today, but hopefully with lots of stretching over the next few months we can get some good range back in his legs and hips.
He has had a croupy cough since Friday. I actually missed work because I was very worried about him. He seen his speech therapist for the last time today until he gets medicaid again. He is over his max limit for our private insurance :-(

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