Monday, August 1, 2011


He was off oxygen yesterday and then last night he decided to drop again and they had to put him on 1 liter. They didn't bother trying to ween his oxygen last night. The day shift nurse took it back off him this morning. He has done fine without the oxygen, but he just has a lot of mucous like he has a cold. I asked if we could just come home with back up oxygen and a pulse ox. Our issue we have our kids with us now. We just learned that kids under 3 can not be in the PICU. So, Jennifer had to get loud, but They told use we can keep the kids with us in the room with the door closed. Jacob really does not need to be in the ICU either so they are going to "expedite" lol  transfer us to the floor where our children. Are "allowed" to be. If he stays off oxygen he goes home tomorrow. I am try.g to get them to consult with his pulmonologist to get him an at home pulse ox so I know when he is dropping due to his user airway obstruction issues.

Brandi Fuller had her baby Sophia by c-section last night at 9:57pm. She was 2lbs 9oz and breathing on her own when they took her to the nicu. Brandi is recovery well. I hope to get over to see he and baby at some point today.

Today is my husband's 29th Birthday. Hoping we can at least get him some yummy take out for his birthday.

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