Monday, May 2, 2011

lots of Changes

We have had a lot of changes in our house in the past week. Last Monday my friend Christine sent me a message asking me if the invitation for her and her family to move in was still open. I had told her weeks before that she could. She decided it would be best for her family to leave her dad's house. So, unfortunately her and her father did not get to leave each other on the best terms, but they moved in Monday night. Last week there were a lot of adjustments and moving things around. Christine's kid had been living with her sister for several weeks. So, the 1st 4 night she was here it was just her and her husband. Thursday we got a great deal on a bed for her and bunk beds to put in the kids room. I feel better knowing that everyone has their own bed now. Her kids didn't even have a bed when they were at her dad's. Feels good knowing everyone has their own space now.

The babies are in my room now. The kids are in Ava's room, and Christine and Alex have their own room now. Her kids came on Friday. The weekend went by smooth. Her kids and Ava are at war. LOL Ava is a spoiled brat and is bossy and hits the other kids. It has been crazy trying to get the kids to bed at night. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will allow a routine good routine to develop.

Jacob is doing very well. The month of April, Jacob only vomited 4 times. I think I will move forward with starting him on "real food" now. I am about to search the Internet for recipes for mixing food for him.

Andrew walks everywhere now. He hardly crawls at all anymore. He is a terror.

Nothing new with Ava. Just her adjusting to having 3 more kids in the house.

I am getting a 2nd option with another ENT for Jacob. I missed his appointment today. I have to reschedule it. I am also waiting for an appointment for Jacob to see a physical medicine doctor regarding his muscle tone. The neurologist wants to switch him to baclaphin and take him off the klonipine. The physical therapist told me today that I need to have a referral made to orthopedist for his hips.

Prayers for Christine and her family please. She missed her chemo this month because she was sick. Good news is that her tumor is stable and has not grown in the last 2 months!

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