Friday, May 20, 2011

Sickness, Baby Blues, Black MOLD, and lots of Multiples!

***For those that don't like to read my sad posts....this is not one of them. Feel free to read on. LOL :-)***

Well, we might have hit an all time record for NOT going to the primary we had to just break down and ruin the streak. The kids have had runny noses for 2 weeks now. Jacob has done really well considering the coughing etc...he has had a few vomiting episodes but nothing like what he was doing before. The verdict is 1. Ava has an ear infection and a viral stomach bug. She is 42lbs...7lbs over weight :-/ 2. Andrew has a sinus infection. I was worried he was getting pink eye vs. him having a sinus infection due to drainage from his eyes crusting closed. He is 25lbs 12oz. Jacob has his usually upper respiratory drainage etc. He is on antibiotics just for fun I suppose...though he is probably totally resistant to them at this point. He is 24lbs 15oz. My 3 babies will be on amoxicillin for the next 10 days.

Thanks to all the new moms with their tiny babies on my friends list on facebook it has lead to my monthly longing or another this is my monthly pep-talk to encourage myself from refraining from this urge LOL. The little voice in my head says "Jennifer lets stop taking you birth control pills this is okay the babies are almost 2." Then the other other voice says. "No, No, No Jennifer. Enjoy the babies you already have. Remember babies don't stay cute and little forever...they get big, they BITE, puke, and cry when you try to sleep..not to mention the whole breastfeeding thing! Plus you already paid for you birth control pills for next month." Thank you Other Other voice...Jennifer will continue to take her little blue pills. 10pm every night!...maybe next month LOL I will just jealously look at all my friends babies pictures..until the right time comes.

My sister just informed me that she discovered an entire wall in her house between her son's bedroom and the bathroom is covered in BLACK MOLD! My kids were scheduled for their bi-weekly visit to Aunt Fiki's house so my husband and I could work. Now Jack has to go into work late so my sister can take care of her black mold tomorrow and finish demoing her wall. She is having someone come out and spray the spots that can not be removed. this a sign that my kids always get sick and something always seems to go wrong when I need to go to work. I wish my husband had better health insurance so I could just quite...oh and a raise :-)

Christine is suppose to start her chemo on Monday. Praying she does not get sick with all the sickness between my kids and hers. I will feel like it is my fault is she can't do chemo 2 months in a row. Oh and I am suppose to cook healthy for her and make her drink lots of water next week. wish me luck.

I determined that our kids' pediatrician sees A LOT of multiples. Seems like there is always a set of twins in there. Today a lone we walked in with our 2 babies. There was a set of 4 year old triplets, and another set of twins in the waiting room all waiting to see her. She must be the multiple babies whisperer LOL

This brings me to today's other story. As we are sitting in the doctors office. I see a grandma sitting in the waiting room with the 4 year old triplets mentioned above...she sees me and the double stroller. I guess she did not see who was in the stroller (Ava and Jacob)..Andrew was running around the waiting room like a wild animal. I asked her referring to the children with her, "Are they all the same age?" She replies in delight.."Yes, they are triplets. There mom is in the back with the doctor with the baby." She takes note of the stroller and asks, "Do you have twins." I reply..I have 2 babies and a 3 year old. The babies were triplets, but we lost their brother in the NICU when he was 6 months old." She apparently got excited by the word triplet...and missed the rest of that statement. She gets up to come look in the stroller. She leans over and looks she sees Ava at 42lb and Jacob at 24lbs and says, "These 3 are triplets?" LMBO!!! Wow either Ava is a really big fat 22 month old or the boys are really small for their age. I explain again what I said before. So her attitude changes..she looks uncomfortable. I get the "I'm sorry" and she sat back down. I wish people did not automatically feel so uncomfortable when I tell them about my children..God forbid I did not even mention Jacob's issues. I'm sure she felt uncomfortable since she had 3 healthy 4 year olds sitting next to her. I am proud of all my children. I think it is totally awesome that my husband and I made 3 humans at once..on ACCIDENT! I love talking about all 4 of my children. I am not an emotional wreck (most of the time) that breaks down from hearing my son's name. Logan. Logan. Logan. I like telling their story they are amazing and so is their I think before I tell anyone..I will make a statement..."Please don't feel sorry for is okay, really"

COUPONS! I love coupons. Just this week I spent $62 and saved just over $144. I have been doing coupons for 2-3 months now. I have easily been saving nearly 50% or more most of the time. I love bragging about it. I post all my receipts on facebook LOL


  1. Did you get my email (sent May 3)? Please let me know either way.

  2. An entire wall of black mold? That was scary! Well, I hope that your sister was able to resolve her mold issues. Indoor molds are definitely not a good sight. Aside from the fact that it devaluates your home, molds are dangerous to health. What’s bad about this is you became an unsuspecting victim, since these problems lie beneath the surface. Doing some mold-prevention move is the way to go to make the house mold and mildew-free.