Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Still needing prayers and miracles

I guess I will start with the good news 1st. Jacob has made it an entire week with only 1 vomiting episode. He had an endoscopy done yesterday morning (Monday). The results were good she said everything look fine structurally. They placed a Ph Prob. He spent the night in the hospital and I was suppose to record when he was sitting up and laying down. I had to record when his feeds started and stopped. Jacob is the healthiest  I have seen him in months. This is great! but......he is not showing any symptoms of reflux now..which is also great, but what happens next time he gets super sick for 3 months strait we will be right back at the beginning. Grr. He hardly cried. He did not "look like" he was refluxing even once. He did not arch. He acted like their was nothing wrong with him. This is great as long as he stays this way. It will be an answer to many prayers. It will be great to avoid surgery, but it does not set me at ease thinking about the next trigger that will set him off. I am trying very hard to stay positive and faithful, but the world around me is crashing down. I am praising God that Jacob has had relief from his illness. He looks and feels great. You can even tell he is putting on some weight. He is getting fat little cheeks and hands.

Now for the not so great news: I ask my friends if you can say a prayer for these families and possibly advice or help...

 Family 1: Johanna and Sean go to my church. They are expecting their 1st child. A little girl. She has been battling very high blood pressure since early on in her pregnancy. She is 20 weeks right now. Her pressures are not staying down and they are saying her baby is not growing. They are not giving these new parents much hope on their little girl surviving. I ask that you pray for this family. They need a miracle that only God can provide.

Family 2: I have recently blogged about her. My friend Christine has a brain tumor. She found out today that her tumor is indeed very rare. Not sure if my information is correct and if it is not I will update when I am corrected. She said her dad talked to the doctor today about the results from a biopsy done a few days ago. She was told that part of the tumor was cancerous and part was not :-/ The tumor is the size of a golf ball and it is growing from her brain stem (you need this to live) She will know on Thursday what the game plan is. All we know right now is that they are going to try and treat this monster. If it was not cancerous then their is nothing they would be able to do for her. They can't remove it so if it continued grow she will die. So cancer in a way is actually good....I know they are going to radiate this monster and do chemo and they will be starting very soon. She is weening off steroid medication and is not feeling wonderful right now, but she wants to have a special day with her family. She told me before she came to Florida that she wanted to take her kids to Disney "before anything happened". I wanted to pay for her to go, but I do not have the funds in the next 2 weeks to make this happen. They are talking about treatment very soon. I would love to see their family of 5 enjoying their 1st trip to Disney. This is my goal this week to find anyone willing to help this happen. I am looking of Disney employees that have the ability to get people in for free. I know a few people and I have written them, I just wanted to spread the word to see if their was anyone else out there willing to help if the people I have in mind are unable to help.

I can't even talk to her about what is going on without hyperventilating. I don't even know what to say to her. I love her so very much. I hate that this is happening to her and her family. I think what makes it hurt so much is that we are almost the same age and our daughters birthdays are days apart. What if  I had to tell Ava that mommy might not be there with her anymore 1 day. I feel like my heart is being torn for my chest and it is not even happening to me.

Christine, you have a lot of people who love you. Only God can move mountains, but his prayer warriors will be standing behind you every day until God's will is done. We will all hope and pray God's will if for you to continue your walk on Earth with your children, but please know that no matter what God's will may be you that you are loved and everyone will be okay no matter what. I can't even think strait right now and heck I can't see what I am writing through the tears. My heart is always with you. I will be here for you through every step of this journey. Don't be to so proud! Ask for help when you need it! This is a time for spiritual and emotional growth for you, your family and your friends. God makes miracles happen. Sometimes they are not what we thought they would be, but none the less they are miracles. Me of all people can share a testimony of God's will and things not turning out as planned. What happened to my family is still a miracle. Logan's life was a miracle and a blessing. Jacob, Andrew and Ava are blessings. I expect to see miracles in Jacob. He is a miracle every day he wakes up. God left him here for a reason just as he took Logan for a reason. My heart knows these reasons I just can't put it into words. What is happening in your life is something no person would want to face. Lean on our Father. Without him their is nothing. I pray that God give the doctors and nurses the knowledge to do exactly what needs to be done to beat his. I pray a year from now you will be cancer free and thriving. I pray that your relationship with God be unbreakable. I pray that he lifts you and your husband up and holds you while you battle this storm. That your heart will be humbled and that your family's faith will be unbreakable.

I ask you friends to lift my friends up in prayer. Add them to your prayer lists at your churches. Post them on your facebook. These families need an act of God to get through these trials.

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  1. This is great...u know I am willing to help I know someone who will get me the tickets at a discount price and im willing to help pay. Let me know 863-255-1519 Elaine