Wednesday, February 9, 2011

18 month check up

Not a lot to report but here goes

Andrew is 32 inches long and 23lb. This puts him in the 11%He is doing well. He is officially off all formula and on whole milk. The things he needs to improve on is 1. walking! 2. he is apparently suppose to be able to recognize atleast 2 body parts.

Jacob is 32 inches long and 22 lbs 12oz  This puts him in the 9%. Nothing new for him. He does tuck his chin when you pull him up  instead of extending and letting his head fall back. He is doing well. I am continuing to increase the rate on his bolus feeds we are at 150cc an hour today and he is also tolerating 32oz instead of 24. Not sure if this is just a fluke because he is NOT SICK for once, or if the new formula Vital Jr. is actually helping. Next week if he is still doing well we will start puree foods through the g-tube and possibly some very very very tiny amounts of by mouth baby food. We will see staying optomistic.

Thanks to everyone who has offered to help make the "Disney Day" possible for my friend's family. This will be such a great blessing for my friend and her family to go to "the happiest place on earth." It is my favorite place to go. It always makes me feel better when I go no matter what is going on. It is an excape into a magical place where you don't have to think about "life." I think I have 3 of the tickets covered so far. My goal is to get them to Disney this Saturday. I am also working on getting them some spending money for food etc while they are there.

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