Monday, February 14, 2011

Still needing help

1st I wanted to update Ava's 1st ever dentist appointment. She went last Thursday. She did so good. They took her back by herself and made me wait in the lobby. She did not even cry. They told me she let them get all the x-rays they needs and did not give them any issues while they cleaned her teeth. The dentist took a picture with her. They gave me the picture and a letter from the dentist for her baby book and Ava got several stickers and a ballon. She has no cavities and her  teeth are in perfect health. :-) She loved the attention I think. She asked me the other day if she could go back to the dentist because her teeth need to get sparkley again. LOL

Jacob made it a record 1 week without vomiting. My sister said he went into a coughing fit today and threw up 1/2 of his feed earlier. Hope he is not getting sick again :-/

Now onto the next topic: I am still trying to help my friend out by get her and her family to  Disney before she starts Chemo. She is still set to start treatment on the 23rd. We are now aiming for this Wednesday. Less than 3 days from now! I have had several people offer to help, but have not heard back from them. Hoping and crossing my fingers that our friend will be able to provide 3 tickets still. I have also had a few people offer to donate money toward the other 2 tickets needed. Tickets are around $75-80 each I think. Give or take. I am also accepting any donation of house hold items for their family, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, toilet paper, tissues, cleaning supplies to have a clean germ free house when your immune system is wiped out. :-/ She has applied for I guess disability benifits, but has not heard anything yet. This family has NO income. No food stamps NO WIC etc. Yes, these things hopefully will be coming soon, but right now they have nothing. Car payment is behind, car insurance is going to be late etc..They are living with her father who is retired and is living on a very tight income himself. He has opened his home to her family of 5 to help with the efforts of trying to save her life. Never asked for money before, but I figured what can it hurt. Anyone that wants to help even if it is a $1 please do. All donations will go directly to my friend Christine while she is fighting for her life getting treatment for a deadly brain tumor.

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