Friday, February 4, 2011

Jacob's eyes

I have a little bit of good news to report for once!
Positive note #1: Jacob had his 3 month follow up with the low vision doctor today. We reported that he has started crossing his eyes again with or without the glasses on. He examines his eyes and determined that his eye sight is actually improving! She said his farsightedness has regressed (I guess that would be the word) by 20%. In sense he is not as farsighted as he was before. So now we wait for another new pair of glasses. Ever since he got glasses in the 1st place I really have not noticed a difference either way. The doctor says as a baby grows his eyes grow and their vision changes often and it is hard to keep them in the right prescription. The low vision therapist swears she sees improvement, but I am still unsure. Well for one reason I have the hardest freaking time keeping his glasses on. He is really good at getting them off.

Positive note #2: He is definitely getting better. He is less congested and he is breathing a lot better. We also got our home suctioning machine today. :-)

Positive note #3: Knock on wood he has not vomited in at least 3 days now. Not even a little. I know what it is...we have the 24 Ph Prob on Monday and the endoscopy...he is going to act perfectly normal until after the testing so I look like a big fat liar and then start projectile vomiting all over again...I might just need notarized letters from everyone who has seen his vomiting ;-P LOL

Andrew has mastered the art of climbing on the couch. He has given me several small heart attacks today from his crawling down the couch like it is a runway escapades. He has also mastered the word "Thank You" He is so cute he handed a paper back and forth to me over and over again saying Thank You Thank You.

Ava told me today at nap time about all the babies in her belly...:-/ They all had their own exotic name and color....sometimes I worry about this child. LOL Then she told me about all the babies in my belly and named them too...apparently this week I have "4 n 5" I'm not sure this child understands they are only "suppose to" come 1 at a time. :-) Then she proceeded to tell me about each baby and which ones were good helpers and the ones that mess up everything and don't pick up after themselves etc...she literally rambled on about all the "babies" for 20 minutes describing in detail about each baby in our bellies.

Well Jacob and me have to be at St. Joseph's bright and early on Monday at 7am.. I will update after we have the results.

Oh and what a good mother am I...I finally scheduled dentist appointments for Ava and Jacob :-) for Thursday

UPDATE***yeah Jacob decided to puke all over Jack tonight after I wrote this :-)

Note the bib...LMAO I seen it and had to buy it :-)

My children NOT sleeping like they should have been

This is what happens when you take my babies, another set of triplets and a 3 year old to Olive Garden and the kids out number the adults 2-1 :-) Note there is only 1 kid left in the high chair (Jacob) and the 4th baby had already excaped from under the table and was making their way out of the area...

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