Sunday, November 7, 2010

Won't EAT!

Ahhh, Home from another LOOONNNGGG weekend at work. Jacob has not been eating well in over a month. My sister had the kids this weekend. She got Jacob to eat less than 12 oz by mouth all weekend :-(. He fights, arches, keeps his mouth open, and simply won't suck still. I don't know what else to do with him. I did almost everything I could to night to get him to eat for me. After much scream, chocking, and gagging he ate a whole 3oz give or take...he had at least an ounce on his bib.

Jacob has an eye appointment tomorrow with Dr. Ikeda. I can't wait to talk to that woman and see what her reasoning behind never putting glasses on my son was. I have pretty much been told he missed his "window of opportunity" to see normal because he went over a year being so severely farsighted and missed all the developental things infants have with their vision. I would not be so mad if she would not have been documenting the entire time that she knew he was. WHAT THE HELL? Was she just writing him off because he has Cerebral Palsy? Oh well I will update again tomorrow night.

I can't get over Ava and what she says sometimes. She continues to ask me for a baby sister all the time.  Especially in the last week she sits on my lap and tells me there is a baby sister in my belly. I keep telling her it is not time for a baby sister yet. She gets mad and yells, "YES YOU ARE!." The last time she said something to me was Friday night and she once again repeated that mommy has a baby sister in her belly. I once again tell her I do not. She then screams,You do have a baby sister in your belly and Daddy put it in there. WTF! Where did she get that from. LMBO!

I do not plan on getting pregnant anytime soon. We just don't have the money or the time off work right now. Jacob is so much day we will though. Which brings me to mine and Jack's decision we have to make by next week I think???? I have the annual GYN appointment :-/ next week and I need to decide if I want this stupid IUD out. Without to much TMI I'm sick of the irregular more than once a month visits I get each month LOL but at the same time I don't need anymore "accidental blessings" right now.

Well, I hope this kids can stay well this week. Jacob sees the speech therapist on Tuesday. We have a week long trip planned to go see my parents and my sister in north AL the week of Thanksgiving. I'm excited my favorite day of the year comes after Thanksgiving. I LOVE BLACK FRIDAY! :-)

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