Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dr. Ikeda eye doctor visit

Dr. Ikeda was quite alarmed to see Jacob wearing glasses and also acted like she was offended that we seen the low vision specialist doctor through Lighthouse. She asked why we saw him since she was already following Jacob. I told her that they offered, it was free, and they wanted their doctor to see him. So, I asked her why she did not put him in glasses if she knew he was farsighted and that the Lighthouse people wanted to know too. Her answer was that she feels that his eye turning and vision issues are related to his brain damage. She told me that she knew he was farsighted, but did not plan on putting him in glasses until later on.

My thinking is even if he can't see because of his brain, what would it hurt to have put glasses on him when she realized he was farsighted just to see if it helped? What would it have hurt? What if she was wrong? Low vision people seem to think the crossing is from being farsighted and that he has lost a lot of his window of opportunity because she did not put glasses on him early on.

Oh well, he sees the low vision doctor on Friday we will see what happens.

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