Thursday, November 11, 2010

All stopped up

The entire family, everyone but me has had a stomach flu this week!. Jack has even missed work for 2 days. I couldn't help but notice that while everyone else had liquid coming from both ends :-/  Jacob had vomit and no poop. I called the pediatrician and we went for a visit yesterday afternoon. She sent him for an x-ray and the results were that he was full of shit...literally!

Last night after liquid suppositories and a 1/2 teaspoon of miralax we had poop...3 diapers worth :-) He has not vomited since just before his doctor appointment. We have held down 16oz so far (all g-tube none by mouth) He is pretty congested and his chest is rattling, but not coughing. Ugh...this kid needs to get better!

Now that I'm done telling everyone about my families bowel habits :-) I will continue...

Andrew had his 1st cup of whole milk today. I've given him a few cups of Ava's skim milk which he pretty much threw back at me. Today he sipped the whole milk, spit it at me, then realized it was not so bad, and started drinking it LOL

Ava went back to school today. She cried when I dropped her off. It broke my heart, but man I needed a break!

My pediatrician is still pushing for me to accept in home nursing care. I don't know how I feel about this yet. I don't so much mind the weekends when I'm not home, but not sure how I feel about them being here with me. I also have trust issues. Some of the nurses working in home health are total idiots, ghetto, or just plain lazy. I think Jack could definitely use the help on his weekends. My sister told me she don't really want the help. They are trying to get 16 hours of care Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. I guess I will try it and I can always tell them I don't want it.

We are getting excited about our up coming trip to AL for Thanksgiving. I hope everyone is well when we go. I'm going to take Ava on a date with mommy tomorrow. We are going to see Megaminds. Then on Saturday we are going to a farm to pet animals with our multiples group.

I think that is all the random stuff I can think to write for now <3

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