Sunday, November 28, 2010

On the Road Again

We have been in Albertviille, AL for almost a week now. We have a 10 hour drive ahead of us tomorrow. Some prayers would be greatly appreciated for a safe trip home. we plan on leaving around 4pm (5pm my normal time) Hopefully we will make it home around 5 am. Jacob has a GI doctor appt I think at 1pm on Monday and Jack has to work 1pm to 1am on Monday. Busy Busy Busy week ahead for us I have lots of appointments to keep up with. BTW Jack's new work schedule is going to be 1p-1a I am excited. I think it will be better for him and us. Now when I take Ava to school, I don't have to pack the babies up YEA!!!

Time has flown by since we got here. We spent a great deal of time driving (Jack's idea) which I was not so fond of. Yesterday we literally spent 7 hours driving because Jack wanted to go to Tennessee. We drove to Lynchburg area, stopped at a gas station and the Tim Ford dam then drove home. WTF wasted day! I did get 2 days of doing nothing and just spending time with my mom and dad which I loved and Jack bitched the entire time. Monday we went to Huntsville and Tuesday Scottsburo. Yesterday was shopping day and today we went back to Huntsville again for more shopping. I bought my mom a cell phone today to! Now, I just have to get her to use it....overall we have had a really good time. The driving past was not so bad, but thinking about the 10 hour drive here and the drive home just sucks when you spend most of your vacation days driving all day as well. I felt bad for the babies. They spent more time strapped into car seats and high chairs than they have moving.

Ava has been very whiny and I think she is ready to go home. She has enjoyed playing with her cousin and my mom cats lol

It is almost 2am now so I am going to post some pictures and go to bed. God Bless!

sleeping babies and daddy

Ava and James at Wal-Mart lol

Jacob and Andrew eatting (well Andrew is)

Jack and his babies

At KFC Ava and Jack

I think Ava likes statues of old men....she is feeling his leg up lol

My dad and Jacob

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