Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today is a good day

This morning I decided to start fresh and stay ahead of the game. I woke up an hour before the babies and apparently an hour after Ava. I turned on some worship music in the living room and started cleaning. Even now I can just feel the Holy Spirt uplifting my heart. I feel calm and at peace..and so does Jacob. Had a good morning with the babies. Forced Andrew to eat some oatmeal stuff in a feeder bottle. He has been anti-baby food. Only thing he wants is his bottle. We are trying a day or 2 off formula with Jacob trying to clear his congestion per the doctors suggestion. Jacob ate well this morning. He on the other hand loves baby food. We tried to eat off a spoon this morning. He took 7 or 8 spoons full before he decided he was done. He finished his baby food in the feeder bottle. I also am trying a new bottle with him. I went to Target and found that Avent has nipples meant for thicker liquids. He did not like it yesterday because the nipple is shaped different. This morning while he was nice and calm I tried thicken apple juice in it. He ate about 5 ounces then I tried turning the bottle from slow to medium flow and he choked.

I got a lot of phone calls made yesterday. We have officially fired the Orlando GI doctor. Not only do they never call me back, but apparently Dr. Velez's nurse called 3 or 4 in a week and they have not called her back either. So we are trying to get a swallow evaluation done ASAP but not sure of a date yet. His new GI appointment will be at All Children's in Tampa beginning of June.

Kinda cute early Ava decided she was going to try and feed Andrew baby food. She put it on the spoon for him and tries to put it in his mouth. He spits it at her. She is persistent and tries again he then take the spoon from her and flings the food off the spoon at her. LOL Then she states, "Mommy, I don't think Andrew, can't like this." LOL yes Ava apparently does not know how to say "does not" and anytime she or anyone else does not like something they "can't like" this.

Jack and I went to see the therapist lady that his EAP provides for free. Jack has to write down what he does all day and his mood changes. I told on him for still continuing to be mean to Ava and everyone else all the time. I know he is trying, but I WISH HE WOULD TRY HARDER. We now have a no cursing at each other rule. This is my down fall. I have always been so used to everyone else using "bad words" that it has become a common thing for me. I catch myself saying stuff in general conversation. This I have been working on and Ava even reminds me. "Mommy that is a bad word. Don't say bad words!" So last night when Jack was yelling at Ava. He walks into the kitchen and Ava was sitting on the couch and yells, "Mommy daddy is a BAD WORD!" I am grateful I do not have a toddler that repeats her parents and curses all the time. She did go through a period of calling everyone an asshole for several months. Now she only repeats what someone has said to her. She tells me all the time, "Mommy, Daddy told me to piss off!"

He see the psychiatrist next week. I hope they give him something that will help with his mood swings and depression.

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