Sunday, May 23, 2010

and they have TEETH

I periodical check for little teeth cutting through and neither  baby had any sign of a tooth beginning of last week. On Friday afternoon I looked in little Jacob's mouth and their it was a sharp tooth coming in on the bottom left that had already broke through his gum. Now the bottom right tooth is making it was up. Not though yet, but you can see where it is coming. On Saturday Andrew has the very start of a tooth coming on the right bottom side. Looks like it is going to break though the gums at anytime. What big boys they are.

We spent the weekend attempting to have fun. I took my mom to Disney on Wednesday. Friday we picked dad up from the airport and then we all packed our bags and spent the weekend in Kissimmee. Tricia stayed on Friday night. We kept her kids all day Saturday. The kids loved swimming including the babies. The toddlers were so tired they slept from about 4-5pm all the way though the night until this morning around 6am.

My sister Sarah's son James spent his Saturday in Celebration's Emergency room. He has had on and off fever and has this horrible rash all over his body that starts to go away then comes back worse. 8 hours later they told Sarah it was all viral and that it would go away on its own. Oh and it was not contagious. Well, whatever it is apparently Ava and Michael got the "virus" their rash does not look near as bad as Jame's. but Michael and Ava has the same kind of rash all over their face and entire body. Ava was also running a fever on Saturday night.

My sister Patirica was trying to have a kid free Saturday night with her boyfriend when she got a phone call telling her she had to go drive 3 hours to pick up my Uncle Wayne and his girl friend from Lake City area. Ha HA Fiki! They had transmission problems and were stranded. They were driving here for my grandpa's memorial tomorrow.

So my mom took possession of my Uncle Wayne today and she took it upon herself to have a "drinking party" at my house with him. I went to one of my nephews birthday party in Zepherhills today. When I came home Uncle Wayne had become Uncle Drunk and according to my dad my mom "was not drunk" okayyyyyy. Well then they decided to pack there drinking party up and go to my Grandpa's old house where my aunt lives. Oh and they decided it was okay to drink MY bottle of Jack Daniels that I have had forever which my mom has drank most of it anyway. Well now it has maybe 2 shots left in it. How long is that stuff good for when opened??? It is probably 2 years old anyways. Is it like medication does it loose its potency LOL

Jacob has his swallow evaluation tomorrow at 1245 and my grandpa's memorial service at at 7pm tomorrow night. I think Ava and Jack are going to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom tomorrow. I am waiting for my sister to get here with my Taco Bell. I am going to go with her and my dad to the Casino....I think Sarah has a gambling problem LOL I am going to stop her from spending every penny she has..they are not taking anymore of my pennies. :-)

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