Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rest in Peace Grandpa

So I got the call at 6:08 this morning from my mom. My grandpa took his last breath. He died with 3 of his daughters by his side this morning at 5:58. He was very blessed to have such caring daughters by his side since be was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in late March. My mom flew down from Alabama to do anything he need. His daughter Maureen visited him often. His daughter Holly took on his care per his request. He stayed at her home during his final weeks. She stayed with him night and day. Taking him to and from all his appointments. Battled the hundreds of phone calls from friends and family and did her best to get him to eat, drink, and keep him comfortable. During his last hours Maureen slept on the floor on one side of his hospital bed while Holly was on the other side. My mom came in and out of the room all night and stayed in the living room, the room not being big enough for everyone. My mom said they prayed with him through the night. That the sang him worship songs and even some Christmas carols :-) He went peacefully.

I finally got to see him for the 1st time since before Mother's Day yesterday. I held his hand and prayed with him. At this point he had started the rapid breathing and his heart was bounding from dehydration. He was to weak to talk or open his eyes for me. He did respond by sucking on a mouth sponge to wet his mouth. He squeezed my hand a few times. I talked to him and sang worship songs to him. I went to support my mom before they took his body from the home. The funeral home got there before I did and they waited for me. When I went into his room he looked so peaceful. This daughter combed his hair and put on his cloths. My grandpa was notorious for his look. Long grey pony tail always a shirt with a pocket on the chest and dark blue jeans. He never left the house without his reading glasses and a pen. When he left Holly's house today he wore a grey/blue pocket shirt and dark blue jean pants with his reading glasses in his pocket and a pen. :-) He entered the Kingdom of Heaven this morning to be greeted by all his loved ones that passed before him including his parents and Logan. I'm glad grandpa finally go to meet Logan.

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