Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Thanks you everyone for your encouraging words and compliments for the article in THE LEDGER.

I hope every mom had a blessed day. I had a good weekend at work. I actually came home not feeling like I wanted to die. Rachael Pleasant did a great job on Logan's article. It actually made me tear up, even though I have told Logan's story a million times. It was kinda neat seeing my family's picture on the front page of the newspaper. I was glad to share Logan's testimony of God's love.

Nothing super special today for me though. Jacob got seen at the emergency room together this morning. My sister was worried that he continues to wheeze and coughs non-stop. His eating is poor and he chocks a lot. I was worried he may be aspirating and that could be what was causing the continued sickness. The x-ray still shows the same pneumonia in the right upper load. Nothing significant had changed. The ER doctor thinks that clinically he is much better than 2 weeks ago he was actually not wheezing after the last treatment before Patricia took him up there. She thinks he is developing asthma. So we agreed he does not need more antibiotics, but she did start him on a low dose of prednisone again for 5 days. I am going to take him to Dr. Velez tomorrow to see she wants to continue the steroid again, because they do cause issues with development and can make some infections worse, like what happened to Logan. I am going to tackle the whole swallowing issue. He needs a swallow evaluation to determine the best way to feed him thickened fluid vs. a g-tube. I am also calling Early Steps director about getting him set up with a speech therapist. Speech therapist deal with feeding issues.

Please continue to keep my mother Beth Keigans, my grandpa Wayne Steinard, and the rest of the family in your prayers. My grandfather is dying from cancer. My aunt Holly is caring for him at her home. My mother and her sister is having a hard time dealing with his impending death. I pray the tension will ease between family members. I pray that my grandfather will he surround with peace and love during his final days. I pray that he gets the strength to fulfill his final wishes.

Thanks you again to everyone who has taken the time out of their lives to pray and encourage my family. I hope all is well with yours.

PS I really need to post some pictures...maybe tomorrow.

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