Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New floors and a shinny new headstone for Logan

Tomorrow 2 bigs things are suppose to happen for us. 1st the tile people are suppose to come and start installing the tile in the kitchen, though you would think someone would call me today and tell me what time etc..so I would not be suprised if they did not show up. I would be really pissed though. 2nd when I talked to Sweet Dreams Headstones, he said he should be back in Lakeland tonight and ready to install tomorrow. I am really really really excited to see his headstone. I have already bought the 1st set of flowers for the vase. I am nervous though because I am going to be upset if the picture did not come out well.

Andrew has almost made it from his back to his stomach. I think he will have it down in a few more days. He is so vocal lately. He tries to hold his bottle, but does not quite grasp the concept that you have to keep your hands on it at all time.

Jacob muscles are almost a little to loose now. You can def tell any thing he was doing before was because of his tone. He can hardly hold his head up now and does not grasp on to toys if you put them in his hands. Where it has benifited him is that he is not so ridget and crying all the time. He focuses more than before and the arching is less. HE SLEEPS MORE! :-) and he lifts his arms up and kicks his feet more.

Ava is working on potty training. She is still doing about 25% 25% 50% by this I mean she runs around naked and pees and poops on the potty 25% of the time. Runs around the house naked and pees all over the floor and her bedroom 25% of the time and the rest of the time she wears a diaper at night and when we leave the house. Candy has helped but sometime when I try to give her her m&ms she says "No, mommy I can't like them. You eat them!" LOL

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