Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Logan's head stone should be installed this Wednesday! Jacob scared me on Sunday, I almost drove him to Arnold Palmer ER. Why is this? 1st off because there was no one on call for kid's neurology here and it would have been pointless to take him to the ER here with no neurologist on call. Back to why he scared me...My sister had me all paranoid saying he was not acting right for her all weekend. She pointed out that his left eye is not opening as much as the right. That he was not eating as much as he usually does. Finally and most odd is that on Saturday night she took him to Walmart and apparently in the time he was awake in his carseat he rubbed a huge blister on the bottom of his left heal. Not like one that has a bubble but the skin had totally rubbed off his foot. By Sunday night he continued to rub that spot till it was bleeding. Oddly he was doing this and never cried. I ended up calling the pediatrician and she didn't seem as concerned, but said if his eye was noticablly less open than the other I should take him. I took him home and decided he was fine. I think that now that he is more calm, that he is showing symptoms that were being masked by his non-stop crying before. I think he is finally getting used to the klonipine. He is so much more calm. I LOVE IT! Andrew is doing great. He has to see a cardiologist before he can have his MRI. He has an EEG next week. Jacob has to have a swollow eval done on 24th. I am going out tonight to buy him some thickener for him formula. I uploaded an edited version of the video I played at Logan's funeral. I will try to attach it here, but if not it will be on youtube and I will post the link. I have totally lost my train of thought so I will update again later.

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